Samsung Galaxy S5 takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Contemplating on testing out Samsung S5’s challenging claim of being a water-resistant device? Well, check this out. In an all-time scenario of rivalry and jockeying to grab the best position Samsung Galaxy S5 went to the extent of challenging iPhone as being its top contender as a top-notch water-resistant cellular device. Today’s Top Articles:

Sleek, sophisticated & visually stunning: Samsung Galaxy Alpha

If you are a Smartphone freak and a Samsung fan for its comprehensive line of products get geared up to welcome another awesome innovation by the world-class brand- the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The awesomely sassy, stylish and solid Galaxy Alpha is a mid-range phone to be sure if you compare it with the other flagship …

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Top reasons the Galaxy S5 wows us

This year has seen a number of smart phones being released and manufacturers are not sitting still-first there was the CES 2014 way back in January, next there was the Mobile World Congress 2014 the following month. This is where Samsung has first enticed us with news of the S5.

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