3 of the Best Online Phone Case Retailers

Choosing a case for your phone is a bigger decision than many people might realize. When choosing a phone case, it is important to find one that both protects your device to avoid cracked screens and other damage from occurring should you drop your phone while searching for bunion surgery clinics online, as well as a case that suits your personal taste and style in terms of design. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the best online phone case retailers that can help you find the best case for all of your needs!

1.   Wildflower Cases

Based in Los Angeles, Wildflower Cases is one of the most popular phone case retailers in the world. Founded by two sisters after their mom’s handmade iPhone cases went viral on Twitter, Wildflower cases offers chic and protective cases for Apple iPhone devices. From trending designs to classic patterns, Wildflower offers a stylish case for everyone; plus, the brand collaborates with popular digital influencers and celebrities to create unique, limited-edition cases each month. Plus, Wildflower cases retail at roughly $35, making them more on the affordable side of stylish cases.

2.   Casetify

If you want to give your device a little more protection while still keeping things stylish, Casetify is the perfect site. From basic cases to those with EcoShock edges to provide 20% more drop protection, this is the best phone case for those who want maximum protection for their device. Additionally, Casetify manufactures cases for Apple, Samsung, and Google devices, so a wider range of consumers can enjoy these stylish and protective cases! Casetify phone cases are a bit pricier than other alternatives, however many customers consider the price tag worth it as these cases are high quality and durable, meaning they are built to last over time.

3.   Pela

Looking to protect your phone while protecting the environment? Pela makes cases for Apple and Samsung devices that are made from 100% recyclable and eco-friendly materials. Plus, these cases are ultra-protective and made to be durable over time, which many consumers believe is worth their high price tag. Pela also makes wallet cases that can hold your debit card or ID, and cases that contain grips making it easier than ever to hold your phone while you take selfies, record videos, scroll social media, and more. If you’re looking for a truly unique yet functional case, this is a great shop for you.

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