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I am facing a problem in my samsung knack mobile login, Please help?

Hi everyone I am a registered user of Samsung on behalf of Samsung knack. I always login to Samsung mobile website. But it is not allowing me to login. When I am submitting my Samsung knack phone number and Password. It is not showing anything, just blank

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How can I unlock slide phones from 3 networks?

I am using 6500 slide phone and I have tried to unlock this phone from many websites. But they charge me £5 and then send me a message saying my phone not unlockable via code. So I want to know that is there any other way to unlock slide phones from 3 ne

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Micromax Q5

Price: 3,500 Micromax Q5 The name ‘Micromax’ was intended to …

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How good is Google voice service on Windows mobile?

Does someone use the Google Voice service on their smart phone? I am looking on some information on the same. I have a Windows mobile phone. Now I want to know how to make that thing work on Windows mobile. What other services does it offers? Does this is

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How to fix Unrevoked Error in Blackberry?

I bought a Blackberry phone recently. The first thing I want to do is root it. I found the instructions for rooting via unrevoked and followed them to the letter. Running unrevoked goes perfectly until the end, however, where I get this error: Inter

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Why I can’t delete texts from my Garmin cell phone?

It’s seems the more texts I have with a person the slower it will run when I click on their name under messages to compose a text. I have 3500 with my girlfriend and it seriously take anywhere from 30-60 seconds once I click on her name to just load the

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Why my facebook mobile application is not working properly?

I am using Lg optimistic phone. In this phone there is inbuilt facebook mobile application. But this is not working well as from this I am not able to see any pic shared by my friends and even not able to see my profile pic. There is some problem in displ

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How to install montedroid in Samsung Monte?

Hey friends I don’t know much about software so I want to know that how to install montedroid in Samsung Monte without SD ext extension? I don’t have SD ext in my memory card please tell how install it without it. I want to install Samsung Monte in my

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Why is my iPhone 3G not turning on after screen repair?

I have an iPhone 3G. I accidently broke its screen. Then I replaced it the glass screen, LCD display and home button flex. But the iPhone won’t turn on. What am I missing? Why is my iPhone 3G not turning on after screen repair? What can I do to fix this

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Nokia N9

Nokia N9 Touted as the world’s first ‘pure-touch- smartphone’, the …

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How to copy sim card messages to computer?

Can anybody help me out to transfer SMS from my sim card to my PC? Does anybody know how to do it. I have come across certain software that have similar functionality and it restores deleted messages using Data Doctor Recovery – Sim Card but the problem i

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What can I do to get Google maps for my mobile?

I have an HTC desire phone with Google maps app factory installed. The phone was disconnected during the download of the map of France (70% loaded) and now the Google app will not open. I have tried to completely uninstall the app by going into ‘Manage

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best-cell-phone-carriers Cell Phone Beat Popular

Review on the best cell phone carriers that you can consider

Cell phone carriers are a dime a dozen, and with …

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is there any business Nokia phone available in India?

I am a big fan of nokia phones and I want to know, what’s the best business phone with good camera, which has good email connectivity, mp3, memory card, and has QWERTY keyboard. Basically I am looking for a good business phone and good connectivity. All

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Squaring off: Apple iPhone 4S vs HTC Amaze 4G

iPhone, be it any generation, needs no introduction and is an introduction in itself, as it is one of the most aspired and sought after mobile phone around the globe likewise. iPhone recently introduced the iPhone 4S with minor hardware changes, and an ov

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