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Why is my pantech matrix pro not connecting to the computer?

I recently bought myself a new Pantech matrix pro it was working quite well but when i tried to connect it with my computer it doesn’t work. I have tried everything every troubleshooting site, every USB port on my computer, everything. I just got this p

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Can I increase my mobile music volume?

In my phone the volume of playing music is really very low and I want to increase it. I am searching for any app from which my mobile music volume will be increased. So tell me that can I do this? If yes, than which app should I download in my phone?

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Which is best: iPhone or HTC touch Pro?

It has been years of using the same Blackberry and this winter I am planning to give a pleasant change to my phone. But I am really confused whether which Smartphone is going to be the best replacement for my Blackberry? Out of those many, I shortlisted i

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Apple iWallet to ditch NFC for Bluetooth 4.0

NFC or Near Field Communication has enormously gained attention as an easy way for processing payments at checkouts. With lots of advanced handsets coming out with NFC capability, it is now considered as a brilliant replacement for debit/credit card payme

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Why am I unable to play 3gp videos on my computer?

I was trying to play some 3gp videos on my computer. The videos are made from my cellphone. I tried playing them on various players but mostly there was no sound. There is sound on the videos when played from phone. Why is it so? Please help.

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Which one is better: imax 3d or digital 3d?

Avatar 3D extended edition is out there in the city these days. I liked it and want to watch in 3D. Which one of these are better in terms of 3D experience? imax 3d vs digital 3d? I don’t want to waste my money.

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