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Where to look for Shazam for Blackberry?

As you know Shazam is one of the most seeked after application after the iTunes. Its wide range of functionality and features allows using it in a much larger canvas. Recently its charisma even forced me to have it. But the problem is that I have a Blackb

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Why my Nokia E62 not play online 3GP or YouTube file?

Few days back I bought Nokia E62 and my friend told that Nokia E62 play online 3GP or YouTube file, so today morning I tried to play online 3GP or YouTube file, it was not working. I search on web and acknowledged that adobe flashlight is necessary for it

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10 Easy to implement tips to handle a cellphone safely

It is not far away in the history, when communication used to be greatly affected by distance but the technology of radio waves brought a radical change. It has given birth to cellphones which provided wireless medium to transmit messages globally. Cell p

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Nokia Lumia City Lens App brings augmented reality to your fingertips

Augmented Reality (or Virtual Reality) has become quite the buzzword right now. With all the sci-fi movies with their exceptional special effects showing off HUDs and visors with detailed displays of everything around the user, people everywhere are just

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How to zoom in on text pics in my Samsung mythic a897 phone?

I just got my Samsung mythic a897 4 days ago. I can’t zoom in on pics in text messages. If I download it to my card then I can zoom in. Is there a way to open a pic from a text message and pinch the pic to zoom in without having to save it to the SD card?

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How to fix lg remarq auto lock problem?

I have a pretty decent lg remarq phone and I am feeling very excited to have this nice phone. It has a beautiful design along with a great QWERTY keyboard. But it has a slight drawback as its picture quality is not that good still it’s a nice phone wi

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