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Is qa1 good phone to buy, how much it will cost me online?

Hey guys I am planning to buy qa1, I saw it yesterday only so I find it cool. But I want to know about its features and apps it carry. I it good to buy this cell and where it will cost me less at online store or a shop in my town, means which is the best

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Can a Verizon wireless global cell phone be used on AT&T?

If it were unlocked, could a global Verizon cell phone be used on AT&T’s network? I’ve played around with the APN settings on my Droid a little and found that a custom APN could be added. Can AT&T settings be imputed so that it will work? Can a Verizon wi

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How to get the google maps directions?

Hi guys. I have heard of the Google maps directions and I think that I will need the knowledge about these kinds of directions as soon as possible. I have decided to go for a Europe trip and I think that in place of a tourist guide or some cheap app that

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What are some of the good Japanese cell phones?

Have heard of the Japanese phones ever? I just know that they are getting popular with the larger number of the consumer base these days. I want to bring some more details to my knowledge. What are some of the good Japanese cell phones? What about their p

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walmart cell phones plan

I am planning to get walmart cell phone plans of the straight talk plan, the unlimited talk, text, and web plan, But I wanted to know from its user that is it good idea to do that. Does it offer good internet? How its services and customer care support is

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Can you help me to solve GPS issues of my purple blackberry curve phone?

I am using purple blackberry curve phone. I’m having problems with the GPS location on the home screen. I don’t know why but it is constantly saying that I’m in a town like 20 miles away. So I want to know that is there any solution for this? please pro

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LG Optimus NET

Price: 10,000 LG Optimus NET LG Optimus NET is an …

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Sanyo cell phone?

I want to know about the sanyo cell phone. I don’t get any details about the sanyo company. But as I have visited some websites related to the cell phone features, I got some sanyo cell phones with very latest technologies and f

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Can I use tmobile wing as an mp3 player like the iphone?

I have been using iPhone since three years but now I am done with it so I want to change my mobile phone. I am planning to buy tmobile wing but I want to make sure if I can use it as an mp3 player like the iPhone. I search on internet and they say that y

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How to jailbreak an ipod?

I recently bought an ipod touch and want to jailbreak it. I have heard about the Pwnage tool for iphone but do not know how it works for the ipod toch. I tried to find the solution online but there was no such information anywhere. So tell me how to jailb

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How to recover files from SD card in Samsung d807 phone?

I have accidentally deleted some of my important files from the SD card of my Samsung d807 phone. I need them back in my phone. It was a video mp4 file. So is there any way to recover files from SD card? If yes, then please share the full method with me.

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How to access internet through mobile on PC through internal modem?

I have an internal Motorola sm56 speakerphone PCI modem in PC (modem driver is installed). I have Nokia 3200 mobile on which GPRS (WAP setting) is activated. Nokia 3200 does not have modem. So I want to connect it to my PC via DKU5 cable and access intern

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Simple tips to help you find your lost cell phone

Cell phone usage is becoming increasingly common in most of …

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Does anone know about mobiles24?

I know it will be a weird question to ask, but do anyone know anything about mobiles24? I want to use it to get some free ringtones but I don’t want to leave any spyware or adware on my computer and I don’t want my phone to malfunction. So the question is

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Can anyone give Motorola Hint Overview?

I want to buy a cell phone and my friend suggested that Motorola Hint offers a lot of features for a very affordable price, making it a great deal for its customers. I have no idea about this phone so thought of putting a question here. Can anyone give me

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