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What can I do to open other installed HTC TILT2 program apps which are not on main page?

I had updated my HTC Tilt2 to its latest ROM ver2. I had already populated my 9 tabs on the main page. How do I open the other installed program applications? Is there a short cut key to open the applications? What can I do to open other installed HTC TIL

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HTC One Z concept phone touts sliding QWERTY keypad

HTC has just surfaced its new One series of advanced Android handsets at the MWC 2012. Set for release in Q2 2012, the One X, One S and One V have largely grabbed attention of geeks. Here is a new concept member to the famous One series, called the One Z

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Why am I not getting Wikipedia mobile format on my Droid Incredible?

I have had my Droid Incredible for a little while, but recently I noticed that when I view Wikipedia pages, they no longer automatically show in the official mobile format the way they used to, and now I just get the regular Wikipedia page. I would like t

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How to buy best digital readers?

There is revolution in terms of digital readers and now there are so many in the market. I am also planning to buy one but have no idea what should be the screen type and how big it should be and do I need wireless downloads and finally how much I should

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where to find cell phone coverage maps?

I am transferred to a place where chances of having cell phone coverage are less but I want to check it myself. There are some good network providers like sprint and Verizon but chances of their presence at that place are less. So I want that service pro

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Samsung moment update issue!

Hey friends I am happy that this is the first android phone I’ve ever used; I have tried many things like clearing the cache but still I have moment update issue. There aren’t many options when I go look at the market app on Manage Applications in Setting

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Can I sell Nokia 3220?

I am really fed up of using Nokia 3220 so now I want to sell my Nokia 3220and want to buy any blackberry phone. But I don’t have any idea that where I can sell it online as the model is old but it is in good condition? What all I can give with it is ori

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walmart cell phones plan

I am planning to get walmart cell phone plans of the straight talk plan, the unlimited talk, text, and web plan, But I wanted to know from its user that is it good idea to do that. Does it offer good internet? How its services and customer care support is

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Where can I buy iphone without contract ?

I am planning to visit India for some philanthropic work. I will be going there for approximately 45 days so I wanted to buy iphone without contract because it won’t be possible to use verizon network in India. Does anyone know where I can buy the same?

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Samsung E2222

Samsung E2222 Samsung E2222, also known as Chat222, is a …

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cell phone marketing ?

I simply need your help to avoid these unwanted cell phone marketing calls on my sprint cellular mobile. want to try this new offer, or just stick to this plan my god they are totally weird, boring and are eating away my precious time. i need a solution a

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What is evdo?

I want to know what is EVDO? Is it mobile broadband and or computer broadband. What is EVDO? First tell me just the Basics features. How does EVDO work? Who uses EVDO? How fast is EVDO? Who offers EVDO and what kind of devices are available? Is there EV

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I found out there’s a new browser here: http://boltbrowser.com/ Initial test: it runs ok, but no option to disable picture so the loading will take much more than Opera Mini .. Edit to correct my comment above: With LOW image quality, loading My-Symbian t

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Can anyone help me for xenon phone please?

2009 I bought xenon phone and I love this phone but last week battery port stopped charging. i got a new battery but eventually the battery power ran out because the phone wont charge. Nothing was wrong with it except that. Can anyone tell that how can I

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Cell phone watches with camera?

I had a Casio Wristcam with 0.25 megapixels, but it broke last month. I want to buy other cell phone watch from the market. I am confused to select any one among the crowded market where all the leading companies have introduced their cell phone watches.

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