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Classic Watches and Accessories that double up as smartphones

The gadgets that adds elegance and style to your personality is the first and must choice of people with active lifestyle, but carrying all those gadgets along with all the times becomes difficult. Advancement in technology has removed the clutter in our

Sony’s SmartWatch

Most rugged mobile phones

If your current phone just can’t handle the extreme conditions such as dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure and solar radiation, all you need is a rugged phone. Are you on the hunt for a phone that could take a beating? Here we pre

G’zOne Boulder rugged phone

13 of the smallest cellphones ever made

Nowadays cellphones are the most essential electronic gadgets and are also the status symbol for rich communities. The saying “Tiny is Beautiful” is true in case of mobile phones, as people do not want to carry bulky phones. The state-of-the-art developme

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