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Ubuntu smartphone operating system game to hit devices next year

The smartphone operating system game has become a rather hotly contested one
now a days with almost every desktop app developer trying to make the
transition into a smartphone utility as well. As a Linux desktop distribution,
Ubuntu has been one of the mo

Best free Software for Windows Mobile Phones

Windows mobile phones are dream phones which come at a hefty price. For any person owning such a phone can be an aspirational value. But, buying a phone is in itself not enough. We soon will realize the alternate uses we would like to put our cell phone t

Best LG cellphone software every user should know of

Cellphones have gained popularity because of the softwares that come with them. With appropriate softwares, you can do almost any things with a cellphone. However, the actual performance of softwares depends on the hardware and resource availability in a

Best free mobile Bluetooth hacking softwares

Hacking is a term which would not be unknown to anyone in this digital age. If used for illegal purposes hacking can prove to be very dangerous. Earlier hacking was limited to computers, but with the advent of mobile technologies hackers have found new wa

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