3 Older Gadgets That Are Making a Comeback

Older Gadgets That Are Making a Comeback

Vintage is making a comeback in 2022, from clothing trends to technology. While many people are looking forward to the year’s hottest new tech releases such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, many people are equally excited about getting their hands on older devices from the last decade, or modern gadgets that aim to replicate them. Here are a few old gadgets that have made a comeback in 2022 and are expected to continue rising in popularity throughout the next year.

1.  Flip Phones

While flip phones never left the market completely, they have become increasingly hard to find (and less and less practical) throughout the last decade. Flip phones are an iconic piece of technology from the early to mid-2000s and are beginning to make a comeback in the modern age. While some tech enthusiasts are opting to purchase authentic early 2000s flip phones from second-hand retailers on sites like eBay, others are getting excited about the release of modern devices that reflect this older technology. Noticing the nostalgia for older models, Samsung has released the Galaxy Flip, which serves as a compromise between modern smartphones and a classic flip phone. Galaxy Flip users can enjoy the nostalgic look of this flip phone while being able to take high-quality photos and videos, use social media apps, and search the web for services from Capitol Kitchen & Bath.

2.  Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are one of the oldest still existing forms of media. Vinyl regained popularity in the mid-2010s, with stores like Urban Outfitters and Target selling records and record players to a younger demographic of shoppers. In 2021, vinyl once again outsold CDs, making them the most popular form of physical album sales. Vinyl continues to rise in popularity due to social media influencers on popular sites like YouTube and TikTok now showing their vinyl collections and expertise about the use of record players to a wider audience. The use of vinyl records proves to be a popular alternative to modern methods of consuming music such as streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

3.  Film Cameras

While the general public prefers to take photos on their smartphones, a growing number of people are nostalgic for physical photos and prints, leading to a rise in the use of film cameras. From Polaroid cameras to more complex, professional cameras that require the use of film, capturing moments on film is becoming a popular hobby among photographers and regular people alike. Film cameras are sold everywhere, from Walgreens to Amazon, making them one of the most popular reimagined old gadgets on the market.

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