Face Off: Samsung Focus 2 vs. Apple iPhone 4S

The ChallengeThe first LTE Windows smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Focus 2 is out in the markets now coinciding with the release of the Apple iPhone 4S. Samsung claims that its new phone is fast, versatile and capable of providing the best possible e

Step by step: How to download YouTube videos on Android phone

Project: Here’s a brief tutorial to help you learn how to download videos from YouTube to your Android phone. Difficulty level: Easy. Downloading videos from YouTube is fast and simple. Even a novice can follow the enlisted steps and enjoy watching his/

How to turn your PlayStation Vita into a cellphone

ProjectThere has been lot of talks on about having a PlayStation Phone. Until now, we had to rely on phones that provided different levels of gaming and fun. However, contrary to it, PlayStation fans have been wanting to use their gadgets as telephone se

Step by step: How to root HTC Explorer

ProjectHTC Explorer is an amazing entry-level mobile phone that is admired by many of the smartphone buyers for its reliable features and competitive price. Though the handset possesses utilizable features, it has certain limitations too, that make the us

Step by step: How to root HTC Amaze 4G

Project Although your gorgeously garbed HTC Amaze 4G renders plenty of elbowroom and full swing, but gaining root access for your phone will nowhere rough it up. In fact, you will only be enabled to download better applications and experience an immersiv

How to trace obscene mobile phone calls

Project Barnyard or obscene phone calls are something that everyone wants to steer clear of – not only for the annoyance they cause, but also for the moral violation. Although you can latch onto some reliable caller ID to record the details, but ‘tra

Step-by-step: Export iTunes to cell phone yourself

It is quite easy to export iTunes songs to your cell phones. If you have iTunes-enabled handsets like the iPhone or Motorola Razr, you may not really require any more instructions to export iTunes to the gadgets. But in case of handsets such as Androids a

How to repair cracked cellphone screen

Project So your fine-grained mobile device’s display is splintered or fractured and you don’t really know where to get it doctored? Although most of us tend to replace or fling off the broken piece, but giving it a face-lift and reconditioning the sc

Best android smartphone apps for musicians

So you too bought a high-end Android phone recently, but what good is it in case it doesn’t have a set of apps that suit you, amaze you and keep you entertained. In case you’re one of those music freaks who goes to attend classes every weekend with a guit

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