How to repair cracked cellphone screen


So your fine-grained mobile device’s display is splintered or fractured and you don’t really know where to get it doctored? Although most of us tend to replace or fling off the broken piece, but giving it a face-lift and reconditioning the screen is also what you have got in your kitty as an option. While most of you may ponder ‘is that really possible’, the process however will ask for a little bit of your time and efforts. That’s why, we have listed below the much-needed step by step guidelines for repairing a cracked cellphone screen. After all, it’s anytime better than forking out for a new phone. Take a look!Fix broken screen

Difficulty level

Moderately challenging

Things you will need

  • Replacement LCD (display or screen)
  • Credit card
  • Philips-head screw driver

Time required

Approximately 1 hour


1: First and foremost, press the power button of your mobile phone for about four to five seconds, or till the time your handset turns switched off.

2: Put your handset down and simply take off its back cover. Now lift the battery out of the respective compartment and place it away.

3: You will find the Philips-head screws on the rear panel of your handset. Simply take all of them off from the back panel – this would subsume any screw within the handset’s battery compartment.

4: Now, take out the rear panel of your mobile phone. This, however, may require you to remove even the side buttons on your smartphone. This usually needs a credit card or guitar stick to get popped into the crease along the exterior frame of the handset (helping it not to intervene with the back cover). So basically, taking off the back cover would enable you to get a glimpse of the handset’s circuit board.

5: Cut off the small visible ribbon cable from your device’s circuit board (which will be positioned somewhere near the topmost or the base segment of the said board assembly. Now, take off any Philips-head screw which must be adhering or locking the circuit board in its proper position. Slowly, haul up the board from the device and seamlessly disconnect the LCD (display) ribbon cable from the opposite side of the circuit board.

6: Take off the said board from the handset and keep it just aside. This will basically divulge the previous, grizzled back side of the cracked cellphone screen.

7: Get rid of any screw that’s protecting the screen panel to the front segment of the handset. Pick up the grizzled LCD screen out of the phone and place it aside.

8: Put the new LCD display within the handset’s compartment and if needed, attach the screws once again. Also, connect the LCD cable while ensuring that its covering from the replacement LCD display to the circuit board (which you took off earlier).

9: Subsequently, simply position the circuit board back within the chassis and try to re-connect the main ribbon cable (of the circuit board, off course). Substitute any screw taken out previously in the disassembly procedure. You should replace the back panel of the handset along with the integrated retaining screws.

10: Position the device’s rear panel on the back of the phone casing. Try and line up any notches on the back panel – but with the notches on the real handset casing. Now, seamlessly force down the back panel till the time it easily snaps into its proper place. Replace the screws that safe and sound the rear panel to the handset casing.

11: Lastly yet equally important, put back the phone’s battery and the back cover of the mobile phone. You can now turn on your phone in order to test whether the newly placed LCD screen is functioning properly or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I find the replacement screens from? Is it possible to get a replacement screen online?

Although replacement screens are generally available across the stores, you can even find them online. You can, in fact, head towards online stores such as eBay and search for all major mobile phones. However, if you cannot find one online, you can get your handset repaired through a reliable service station.

Quick Tips

Ensure to take some help from your friend or someone (who knows), in case you have absolutely no experience in dismantling a mobile phone or opening up the components of a display.

Things to watch out for

Make sure that you do not tighten the screws – as it might result in torn screw slot

At the same time, be extra cautious when handling the circuitry since it tends to be very delicate and fragile.

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