Simple tips to help you find your lost cell phone

Cell phone usage is becoming increasingly common in most of the countries and cell phones have almost become a basic necessity in people’s lives. We usually store important personal data on a cell phone, along with our images, songs, contacts, calendar, etc. So, if we lose our cell phone somehow, it is really a tough and inconvenient situation we get in. But, this situation can be tackled if we use the following tips. Check them out.


  • Search for another phone you may have whether it is landline or cell phone of any of your family members. Dial your lost phone’s number using this phone. Then, walk around the facility, house or room where you might have lost your phone and listen carefully for any sound of vibration or ringtone. If you get to hear some buzz around, track it to see if it is your lost phone ringing. Retrieve your cell phone this way.
  • If your lost phone was the only phone you had, you may use the phone of a neighbor or friend and dial the lost phone’s number. Walk around the area where there is a possibility to find it. Try dialing the number again and again as you might not find it at once on several occasions. Keep a check on any vibrations or ringtone while you have been dialing the number of your lost phone. Retrieve your phone as soon as you find it buzzing.


  • Sometimes, you may not hear the ringtone of your phone as it was switched off after being hidden or its battery went down. In such a situation, determine the place where you last had your phone. To do it, your steps should be carefully retraced. If your phone has an identification device, you can also use it to find your phone. Such a device could be a key ring finder. While depending on the phone maker, this device’s usage may vary, but one way to operate the key ring finder is to click it on another device you have, which could probably be a television’s remote control. As you click on it, you would hear a loud sound on the lost cell phone that has the key ring finder attached. Thus, it can be an effective way to search for your hidden cell phone.

A cell phone is a very important part of your shared life. So, always keep it under checks and track immediately if it somehow gets lost.

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