Step-by-step: Export iTunes to cell phone yourself

It is quite easy to export iTunes songs to your cell phones. If you have iTunes-enabled handsets like the iPhone or Motorola Razr, you may not really require any more instructions to export iTunes to the gadgets. But in case of handsets such as Androids and BlackBerrys, which don’t come with iTunes, the task of exporting iTunes requires some labor; however, is easier at all. Anyway, whichever are your phones, whether iTunes-enabled handsets or not, here are the step-by-step instructions to export your iTunes to the handsets. Get through the article to have a clear idea of the task of exporting iTunes to phones in easier steps.

Sync with iTunes

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Things you’ll need: USB cable, a PC or Mac and the desktop software of iTunes.

Time Required: 10 minutes


1. Connect your handset with a personal computer with a mini-USB cable. The cable often comes free with your handset.

2. Run the desktop version of iTunes on the system. You can see the iTunes-enabled cell phone listed on the left side panel of your iTunes window. It means you phone is connected and is ready for action.

3. Find the songs in your iTunes library or playlist, which you wish to transfer to the phone. In order to pick up multiple songs, you can hold down the “Ctrl” button while choosing the items.

4. Simply drag the selected items onto the icon that displays your handset on the left panel of the window. It will soon start transferring the songs to the phone. Once the exporting is complete, you will get a notification of it.

For iTunes Compatible Cellphone

5. Install the desktop management software of the phone on the computer. The software often comes with every phone. If you don’t have it, you can simply download it for no cost from the manufacturer’s website.

6. Connect your handset with the computer using its mini-USB cable.

7. Run the desktop management software and find its media syncing option. You can find the option to transfer iTunes songs to the handset here. After the synchronization is complete, you will be notified of it.

Non-Compatible Cellphones

8. Open the iTunes on your system. Before starting transfer, make sure your iTunes songs are in MP3 format. If not, first convert them to MP3 files. You can do it right clinking on a song and selecting “Create MP3 Version.”

9. Tether the handset with the computer through the mini-USB cable. Open “My Computer,” where you can find your handset as a connected drive.

10. Double-click the icon that displays your cell phone. Find the “Music” or “Playlist” folder and keep it open up.

11. Get back to your iTunes program. Find and select the required MP3 songs. So as to pick up more than one song, just hold down the “Ctrl” key as you make the selections. Right click on the selected songs and select “Copy.”

12. Return to the cell phone’s “Music” folder. Right click and select “Paste.” The songs will start transferring to your handsets automatically. It will take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the number of songs you have to export.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the minimum requirements for installing iTunes on a computer?

If you have a Mac computer, it should have the recent versions of OS X from 10.6.7 or later. The web browser will be Safari 5 or later or Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later and iLife ’11. If it is a Windows PC, it should have Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010, Firefox 3.6 or later, or Internet Explorer 8 or later and iTunes 10.1 or later.

Quick Tips

It is an easy process to export iTunes to your handset. Since many handsets are there without iTunes compatibility, you will have often to depend on your desktop PC to do the task. iTunes is the world’s leading digital content management platform, owned by Apple. The software has native clients on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Macs. Other devices have alternative options for iTunes, for example Google Music for Android OS. Anyway, it is a simple task to transfer songs from iTunes to handsets, whether they are Androids, BlackBerrys or Windows Phones.

Things to watch out

The most important thing you should watch out is that your PC should have the latest version of iTunes. Apple occasionally launches updates for iTunes. So get your desktop’s iTunes updated with the recent version before starting to export songs from your iTunes library to handsets. You need to connect the smartphone with a USB cable for iTunes exporting, which is not possible through Bluetooth or other wireless options. Hope you have got a clear picture of exporting iTunes to your handsets now.

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