How to trace obscene mobile phone calls


Barnyard or obscene phone calls are something that everyone wants to steer clear of – not only for the annoyance they cause, but also for the moral violation. Although you can latch onto some reliable caller ID to record the details, but ‘track the culprit’ idea may not always look resultant and enough to hold. Therefore, we have listed below a comprehensive, step by step guide on how to reliably trace obscene mobile phone calls. Not only will it help you trace the disturbing calls range in severity, but will also enable you to eliminate such obscene mobile phone call incidences.

Trace obscene mobile phone calls

Difficulty Level


Time Required

Approximately One Day


1: Make sure that you have been keeping a log of the dates and time of the calls made to you by the obscene caller. This will serve as important evidence when conversing with the cell phone provider or law enforcement.

2: Ensure to subscribe to TrapCall – a mobile phone service that enables users to reroute the caller’s number to TrapCall’s database. Once installed, you can simply hit ‘Ignore’ when the obscene caller dials your number. Subsequent to which, the service will provide you with the contact number and the name of the person who called you. However, the stated information will be rendered by a text message and will consume a few minutes.

3: You can also converse with your cell phone company regarding Caller Originated Trace (another service). The service will help you trace on private calls – although, there’s an added monthly fee for it. Nevertheless, you can even dial “*57” after getting a private call. It will allow the phone company to track the number.

4: In addition, talk to your device company regarding setting up a trap on your phone line. For those unaware, a trap is usually free and often more result-oriented. But, it lasts only up to two weeks (leaving you with finding a long-term source at the same time). Once installed, all incoming phone calls will be observed or monitored by your cell phone company and will enable you to trace the caller.

5: Lastly yet equally significant, get in touch with the law enforcement. If you find the calls are threatening in any sense, ascertain to bypass the phone company and contact law enforcement as soon as possible. The police can put a trap on your mobile phone and trace the origins of the obscene caller.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is there any way or specific number that I can dial after receiving an obscene phone call?

You should immediately dial “*57” after receiving any objectionable phone call. This will help your phone company to track the number. However note, this method may not work on long distance phone calls.

Quick Tips

Make sure to install Caller ID service on your mobile device. It will basically enable you to determine the identity of those who are calling your number.

At the same time, if you happen to receive any voice or text message, simply save them or record them for additional evidence.

Things to watch out for

If things get excessively serious, ensure to check back often with your cell phone provider and with the police department. It will allow you to identify the harassing caller or whether the harasser has been prosecuted for the incident.

If the caller cannot be traced despite the efforts rendered by your phone provider and the police department, simply change your mobile number or purchase a new phone.

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