Step by step: How to download YouTube videos on Android phone

Project: Here’s a brief tutorial to help you learn how to download videos from YouTube to your Android phone.

Difficulty level: Easy.

Downloading videos from YouTube is fast and simple. Even a novice can follow the enlisted steps and enjoy watching his/her favorite videos on his/her Android, not only that one can even share them with his/her friends.

YouTube video download on Android phone

Time required: Usually, it requires about 10 minutes depending on the size of the video and in case a “WiFi” connection is available, the download happens in a jiffy.


The following two methods to download your favorite videos not only make downloading and watching videos on your Android easy but fun too.

1. Download videos using “TubeMate” app

  1. Download the TubeMate app from the Android market place or using the QR Code with the bar code reader present in the mobile or via “TubeMate APK File download” link or from the official site “www.tubemate.net”.
  2. Open the menu option and go to the settings icon.
  3. Launch the Application option and mark the Unknown sources option.
  4. Now launch and install the “TubeMate APK file” on the Android.
  5. Once the TubeMate app is installed, open it and choose the video you want to download.
  6. Tap the green down arrow, a window will appear and ask whether you want to watch the video or download the video. Click on the download option.
  7. A host of options would appear to select the resolution, click one and the video will be downloaded and stored on your Android.

2. Download the video using phone browser

  1. Go to the mobile browser and open YouTube videos.
  2. Locate the video you wish to download.
  3. It is important to note here that the link attribute of the video needs to be available to you on the mobile browser.
  4. A slight modification to the link on the address window does all the trick.
  5. Add “pwn” to the video url. For example, if the video link reads: http://www.youtube.com/, edit it and simply add “pwn” thus the modified url reads http://www.pwnyoutube.com/.
  6. Now hit the Enter tab.
  7. Hitting the Enter tab brings up a page with a link to download the video. The message would read “download high quality MP4 video”. Click the message “ok” and the download would start. Once done, the new video will be saved on the SD card of your mobile.
  8. However, for certain mobiles, you might be redirected to a “deturl.com” page where the original video url might be asked to be provided. Once done, the video starts downloading and is saved on the SD card as above.

Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I download videos on my Android?

Answer: Videos can be downloaded by either using the “TubeMate” app or directly the mobile browser and modifying the “url”.

Question: Where do I locate the “TubeMate” app?

Answer: It is available either from the Android market place or from the official site “www.tubemate.net”.

Question: I am unable to locate the “TubeMate” app on the Android market place, what should I do?

Answer: Off late “TubeMate” app has been removed from the Android market place, however, you can download it from the official publisher site “www.tubemate.net”.

Question: I have located the “TubeMate” app, how should I go about now?

Answer: Please read and follow the steps mentioned in the “instructions” section of the article.

Question: I can’t download the “TubeMate” app on my Android, can I download videos without the app?

Answer: Yes, you can download YouTube videos without using the “TubeMate” app, just append “pwn” prior to the video url in the mobile browser. The download options would be prompted, follow the steps in the “instructions” section to download the preferred video.

Question: How can I know if the video I want to download is not the one that is being shown on the prompt?

Answer: You can even view the video before downloading it on your mobile by clicking the “watch” option on the prompt.

Question: Where are the downloaded videos saved on my Android?

Answer: The downloaded videos are automatically saved on the SD card of your Android.

Quick tips

Any of the above two methods would yield the same results, however, going by the second option makes the download more simpler and quick.

Things to watch out for

Usually, there are no risks involved in the downloading process. However, speed may vary depending on the availability of a WiFi connection whereby downloading takes minimum time. Various advertisements may be initiated while browsing the videos or on starting the downloading process, an advertisement blocker may be helpful in this scenario.

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