Best LG cellphone software every user should know of

Cellphones have gained popularity because of the softwares that come with them. With appropriate softwares, you can do almost any things with a cellphone. However, the actual performance of softwares depends on the hardware and resource availability in a cellphone. This is where LG cellphones stands out. Most of the LG cellphones are equipped with cutting-edge features like touch screen, high-resolution cameras, embedded transmitters, high-performance hardware and many more. With these features, you get to do many things better, be it surfing internet at high speed or using a Nimbuzz chat to catch up with your friends. In addition, everyday there are new mobile softwares entering the market. But having knowledge about essential softwares is certainly going to improve your mobile experience.

Here is a list of best LG cellphone softwares that every user should know.


As cellphones come with lots of features, we tend to store critical data in them. With Pleex suite, you can easily manage and protect the data in your cellphone. Plex suite works by creating a backup of your data in a pleex account. Plex suite has a series of applications like Pleex Kids, Pleex Social, Pleex Migrator and Pleex Pro. Pleex Kids has some interesting features like geo-location notification, web filtering, SMS logs, and emergency notification to keep your kid safe. When it comes to sharing photos from your LG cellphone to social networking sites like Picassa, Youtube, or twitter, PleexSocial can help you manage the task with ease by allowing you to configure your account information once and use it anytime. If you have another cellphone, then you can rely on PleexMigrator to migrate data from one phone to another.

Opera Mini Browser

When it comes to mobile phones, surfing the internet depends on how optimized the browser is and the performance of mobile hardware. Mobile phones have resource constraints and one of the browsers that perform well with this limitation is opera mini browser. Most of the times, mobile phones cannot access all the information on the internet due to compatibility issues with flash animation or lack of support for HTML standards. The latest LG cellphones are optimized to offer better internet experience. As most of the LG phones have widescreen with Wi-Fi and GPS support, you can have better surfing experience with opera mini.


As LG cell phones come with Nimbuzz application, you can start calling your friends without any charge. If you are wondering what Nimbuzz is, it is an application to make free calls, send instant messages and many more. All you need is one login to access your friends in yahoo chat, gchat, or to catch up with your Facebook friends. As some of the LG phones can record in 3D, you can use Nimbuzz to share 3D images.

Blinko messenger

Some of the popular mobile messengers are ebuddy, whizzper, YehBA and Blinko. Blinko mobile messenger certainly stands out for its lightning speed. With Blinko messenger, you can chat from your phone anytime and anywhere you go. Blinko also comes with loads of other entertainment services.


Do you want to stay connected with millions of friends all around the world? Then Mig33 may fit the bill. Mig33 is an online community that connects mobile users all around the world. Some of the latest LG models are pre-loaded with mig33. Even though the features of mig33 appear similar to Nimbuzz, mig33 has much more to offer. Apart from allowing you to connect to various instant message services, you also have the option to send gifts or create your own avatars.


As the dictionary is a Java application, you can download a new dictionary in to your mobile phone or upload the dictionary from your mobile to a PC. In most of the LG phones, apart from searching for words, you can also save multiple bookmarks and customize the dictionary by changing its size, font, or themes.

Google maps for mobile

Google Maps is a freely downloadable software that allows you to view 3D maps in your mobile phone. In addition, the maps that you view often get pre-loaded into your phone, so you can still view them when there is no connectivity. As some of the latest LG cellphones come with powerful hardware, you can have better experience while viewing 3D maps.

Super Bluetooth hack

If you have lost access to one of your cellphones or if you need to hack into others’ cellphone, then this software is for you. With this software, you can control other mobile phones. Super Bluetooth hack allows you to view information about battery, network SIM card, read SMS, change network operator, control applications and do many more.

File Explorer

Without file explorers, managing files could be very difficult. With file explorer, you can hide or unhide folders; copy files, move files and password protect files. You can also view the files using a slide show viewer or image viewer. The file explorer also has features like queued file transfer, paste and merge folder content, and editable location bar.

Bluetooth file transfer OBEX FTP

OBEX is a communication protocol that allows exchange of binary information between devices. As LG cell phones support Bluetooth with ftp, you can use this application to manage data in your phone using a PC with Bluetooth. With this application, you can download, upload, browse, or create folders in a faster and easier way.

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