Best free mobile Bluetooth hacking softwares

Hacking is a term which would not be unknown to anyone in this digital age. If used for illegal purposes hacking can prove to be very dangerous. Earlier hacking was limited to computers, but with the advent of mobile technologies hackers have found new ways of doing the same. Multimedia phones are at great risk with the increased use of bluetooth technology for data-transfer purposes. There are a number of softwares all over the web, which allow hackers to easily hack into someone’s mobile phone. One needs to enable bluetooth only when transferring data or other purposes. Letting your bluetooth on ignorantly can put the data on your multimedia phone at great risk.

Here is a list of 5 mobile bluetooth hacking softwares.

Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08

This software can be used to control a phone from remote location as well as read information from it. It can be used with the help of bluetooth or infra. SMS and phone list of the hacked phone can be saved in HTML. Besides this the software can also be used to display information about sim card, network, and battery. All in all a very useful software.

Blue Scanner

Want to spy on your friends activities? This software can be used to spy on the phones that are close to you. Blue Scanner will search for various bluetooth devices in the vicinity and then extract out as much information as possible about the found device. It will try to put up a lot of information about each newly discovered bluetooth enabled device.


BlueBug refers to the bluetooth security loop holes. These are the vulnerabilities that a bluetooth enabled device is at risk of. BlueBugger simply exploits these loop-holes to gain access to other devices. By exploiting these vulnerabilities of bluetooth enabled devices the software can extract various information about call-list, phone book and other things. A handy software.


BTBrowser can be used used to explore information about technical specifications of the surrounding bluetooth enabled devices. It is a J2ME application which is very useful for getting device information, service records and supported profiles. A software that provides you lot of detailed information.

Blue Snarfing

BlueSnarfing is very good bluetooth hacking software which gives you some great options. You can copy entire phone book and other useful information by hacking into a device. It can be used to send a “corruption code” which can be used to gain complete control of the hacked device. Once you have control over the the hacked device, you can read and extract a lot of relevant informationa about it.

Though these softwares are very useful for purpose of good fun, they can prove harmful if used for illegal acts. Readers must understand that this article in no way encourages bluetooth hacking and is only for information. All multimedia phone users are advised to keep their bluetooth off when not in use. All said and done, now you know how to put up a prank on your friend.

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