Cell Phone Safety: The Role of Cell Phones in Car Accidents  

Role of Cell Phones in Car Accidents  

Technology has had a drastic impact on everyone’s lives and while, in many ways, this has been for the better, it is also important for everyone to understand that technology also comes with risks. Today, people are more distracted by their cell phones than they ever were in the past. It seems like it is almost impossible for people to completely disconnect from their phones and focus on what is happening in front of them. This is a major issue when it comes to motor vehicles.

distracted drivingWhenever someone gets behind the wheel of a car, it is important to place safety first. Sadly, car accidents can still happen at any time and some of these can lead to major injuries. Some of the most common injuries that people suffer in car accidents include brain injuries, neck injuries, and knee injuries. In some cases, these distracted driving accidents are caused by cell phones. There are a number of ways that cell phones might lead to a car accident.

The first way that cell phones motor vehicle accidents is by taking someone’s mind off of the road. It is critical for everyone to remember that cars are large, heavy objects that can do major damage to other cars and people in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, when someone is driving, all of their attention has to be on the road in front of them. If someone takes their mind off of the road for even a split second, this could lead to a motor vehicle accident. When someone talks on the phone while driving, their attention is split between the car and the road. This increases the chances of a motor vehicle accident taking place.

Another major risk that comes with cell phones involves taking the hands off of the wheel. While some cars have a Bluetooth connection, this is not universal and it is possible for someone to remove their hands from the wheel while talking on the phone. This can also lead to a car accident, as someone might lose control of their car before they even realize that their hands are no longer on the wheel.

risk-of-texting-while-drivingFinally, some people even take the risk of texting while driving. While texting has made the world more connected than ever before, it tempts people to text while driving. If someone makes the bad decision to text while driving, this not only takes the hands off the wheel but also their eyes off the road. In a few short seconds, someone could lose control of their vehicle, leading to a catastrophic car accident.

These are just a few of the ways that a cell phone might lead to a motor vehicle accident. While it is important for everyone to take advantage of the benefits that cell phones can provide, it is also important to remember that cell phones can also increase the chances of someone being involved in an accident due to distracted driving.

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