This is how the portrait mode effect can be taken out on your IOS 11 and iPhone

portrait mode

iPhone 7 Plus has been a sensation since it was first introduced by Apple in 2016. With incredible 5.5 inch display, 3GB RAM and 2900 mAh battery, it enjoyed a brilliant fan following and rave reviews from all over the world. However, the most outstanding feature of the flagship was its 12 MP rear camera that also offered the Portrait Mode with dual camera system. It is considered as one of the best portrait mode by any smartphone. It allowed the users to capture pictures with deep effects of the subject while blurring the background. It was received favorably by many, however, some didn’t actually enjoy the feature every time due to some trivial issues. For instance, at times, the portrait mode makes the background objects appear much worse. If you are also experiencing the same issue, then we have come up with a possible hack that you can use to remove the portrait mode effect from iOS 11. It would allow you to check the background more clearly and add depth to it.

It is incredibly easy and doesn’t take much effort or time to remove the portrait effect. By following the below mentioned steps, you can easily make it happen.

portrait mode

  • First, open the camera app and then select Portrait Mode and capture a nice picture. You can also select a picture previously taken with the same effect.
  • Open the image and click edit available at the bottom of the picture. The device will automatically detect whether the selected image is taken from a portrait mode or normal mode.
  • If the image is taken from the portrait mode, the ‘Depth’ icon at the top will turn yellow. In order to remove the depth effect, all you need to do is tap the depth icon so it turns blank.
  • You will see the blurred background will go back to normal.
  • If the photo seems like the one you want, then tap the ‘Done’ button at the bottom right. If you feel the previous picture was okay, then tap cancel on the bottom left.

portrait mode

This feature is available only is iOS 11 and not in iOS 10. Thus, if you are using iPhone 7 Plus with an earlier version, you won’t be able to utilize the above method. If you also wish to know how you can re-add the depth effect on your normal pictures. Then all you need to do is to open the images in your iPhone which you had edited from portrait mode. Tap the edit button as before and choose Depth icon again to bring back the same effect.

This simple yet useful step is very handful for the user to switch from normal pictures to depth effect ones in an instant. Surely there are images which look great with blurred background and focus mainly on the subject. But, there are times when such pictures are not useful, especially in images with many people or with a remarkable background. Many users have experienced this issue and with this easy and convenient method, users have a plus point in keeping the same picture in two different effects. You can easily disable the depth effect feature, if you feel like it won’t be needed for certain locations. Although as mentioned above, this feature is only available for iOS 11 users and cannot be enjoyed by earlier version users. So capture your pictures in Portrait Mode as always, and if not feel satisfied with the click, simply disable it to get an otherwise effect.

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