Choosing the Best iPhone App Developer in The San Francisco Bay Area

When it comes to choosing an iPhone application developer, the choice is similar to buying a car. Choosing will be very difficult unless you know what to look for. You want to get to best possible product that will get the most mileage and is also worth your money. Like choosing a car for its features, safety measures, and gas mileage, you should look for specific qualities in an app developer as well. Keep in mind that these strategies can be applied to hiring a developer in any area.

Highest Price

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The idea that high quality products result in a high cost should not be the only consideration when choosing your developer. There are large companies that develop applications for big brands and their staff hosts an array of experience levels, yet they could be the most expensive. ChartoLABS of San Francisco is one such Design and iPhone application developer firm that specializes in high-end mobile applications for startups and many of the Bay Area’s largest corporations. While their pricing is not cheap and all work is done in California, it’s a solution that those who want great customer service and high end, bug free applications choose.

If price is more of an issue to your mobile application development needs then it may be time to consider freelance. Websites like give you the option to choose a specific person to work with, and include their hourly rate, number of working hours, success rate, and expertise. So, if you need a developer for a lower cost and with a specific type of experience, then choosing freelance can give you both the quality you would like and still be within your price range.

Most experience

If cost is not your first priority then go for experience, especially when you don’t know the specifics for what type of application you want. If you have a vision of the application, but do not know where to start, then a larger company with a plethora of experience might be the best option. A company like who have worked with corporations like Audi, CBS, Sony, and Adidas, show true levels of commitment to their customers. “Arctouch helps brands connect more deeply with customers through custom experiences for phones, tablets and smart things. We transform app ideas into experiences for a wide range of connected devices”.

This is just part of their commitment to customer satisfaction. A larger company like this comes with a larger team who can strategize and work together to create the best application possible. Consider this option if you are stuck in the brainstorming stage and do not know where else to go.


Focusing on the specialties of a developer would require you to know exactly what type of application you want, and for what price. For example, certain developers, especially freelance, have experience creating specific types of apps like games or know how to use certain programs instead of a range of programs. Let’s go back to Most developer’s summaries list the type of programs they are familiar with or have an extensive background in. If you want a video game application with an artsy style, then pick a developer with this type of background, getting the most for your money and the best application for your needs.


Whereas some freelance developers only have a specialty with certain programs, a company with focused experience is another option.

For example, has worked with many customers to create social apps like Lit, minglrr, and hashcam. Make sure to do your research on the company first to see if they fit your needs.

Choosing an iPhone application developer is tedious and time-consuming; however, following these guidelines will help you narrow down on the type of developer you need. The companies and websites mentioned in the article are a great place to start and could be the perfect fit. Remember that a combination of price, experience, and specialty could be necessary to find the best developer for your application.

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