Five awesome iPhone apps for making life easier

So you are the proud owner of the iPhone, right? But do you really know how to make the most of your exclusive device? Yes, the best part of using an iPhone is that you can do anything and everything with it. Just visit the Apple iTunes store and choose applications as per your requirements. If you are a true lazy person, you will be all set to make your life easier. Hard to believe? Well, easy to explore. Check out 5 awesome iPhone apps here:



Your room is full of dust and you are simply not ready for a cleanup. Your friends have surprised you with a delicious birthday cake decorated with some beautiful candles, but you are just not feeling like blowing them out. Whatever the situation is, your iPhone is there to help you. Install the app ‘Blower’ and see how the device produces air and blows it out through the speakers to make your task easier!

Pizza Hut

Now you can get your pizza delivered to your home without even interacting with anyone. Want to know how? Choose the app ‘Pizza Hut’ from the app store and install it on your iPhone. All you need to do is to turn on your PC and tap on the touchscreen of your iPhone with your index finger a couple of times. You are done.



How many of you feel too lazy to change the current song or switch to a new playlist on iTunes just because of you have to get out off your couch? Don’t worry. You have a wonderful solution for this now. The ‘Remote’ app on your iPhone can actually do this work on behalf of you. Moreover, it will also turn your iPhone into a working remote when you are throwing a party in your home.

Sound Grenade

Are you getting irritated with too much people around you? Want to spend some time alone? The ‘Sound Grenade’ app would be the perfect choice for you then. Once you touch a certain button on your handset, it generates a wearisome noise. It is sure to repel people from you.


It is one of the most popular instrument-replicator apps that can be installed on iPhone. From professional flute players to people who just love to play flutes, anybody can give ‘Ocarina’ a shot. The notes can be found around the touchscreen as dots, while you need to blow into the speaker as well we tilt the device itself around for producing the sound.

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