3 Smartphone Apps That Will Help You Survive the Gym

Smartphone Apps That Will Help You Survive the Gym

Everybody has a hobby. For some, it might mean working on their cars or painting, and for others, it could include writing or even hunting, like the folks at Outdoor Solutions. But one hobby that remains divisive is working out. Some people go nuts for it, while others see it as a necessary evil in order to remain healthy. If you fall into the ladder category, you might just be in luck. Even if you absolutely dread going to the gym, there are some apps you can download to make the experience more enjoyable—or at least bearable.

1.  Spotify App

SpotifyMusic is no stranger to the gym. Pretty much every gym has is playing as soon as you walk in, plus you be hard-pressed to find a single person without a pair of earbuds in anyway. By creating your very own workout playlist you can get into the lifting mood much easier, the sound quality will be better, and you’ll have the ability to skip songs at will. Spotify is by far the most popular option in the music department, but you’ve got other options available too if you so choose, such as Apple Music and Pandora. Or if you’d rather listen to a podcast while you work out, that’s just fine and dandy.

2.  Netflix App

If all you plan on doing at the gym is cardio, watching one of your favorite streaming apps on your smartphone is perfect. Let’s be honest, you were just going to watch the newest episode of Stranger Things at home anyway, so why not feel good about yourself instead of guilty and do so while on the treadmill, stair climbers, or on a cycling machine. Netflix is a great option because you won’t get interrupted by ad breaks, but the Hulu app, HBO Max app, and Disney+ app are all excellent alternatives. There’s no better way to make time fly while you’re at the gym.

3.  Audible App

Audible AppIf you’d rather spend your time progressing through a good book rather than listening to music that will be in your ear one minute and gone after another two, Audible is the way to go. With this app, you’ll be able to listen to all of your favorite stories on audiobook. It’s a great way to get your workout in and catch up on the latest book in a series, or just for getting engrossed in a compelling story to pass the time quicker while you’re working up a sweat.

Start Jogging

If you seem to have a hard finding the motivation to go to the gym or just can’t stand it while you’re there, these apps might just be what you need to make it through your next workout. Whether you want to spend your time at the gym watching Hulu on the treadmill or jamming out to your favorite tunes while lifting weights, these apps are perfect for making the gym a better time all around.

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