3 Tips for Editing Photos on the iPhone

Tips for Editing Photos on the iPhone

These days, iPhone photography can be just as good as photos taken on a high quality, professional camera. The best way to add a high quality touch to any photo is through proper editing. While editing photos can be simple, the use of additional software and tricks can make all the difference in a normal photo versus a professional quality image. Whether you’re wanting high quality photos to commemorate your family vacation or want to take the perfect picture of your new ink from Certified Tattoo Studios, here are 3 simple tricks for editing photos straight from your phone.

1.  Use Professional Apps

While iPhone photos can be edited straight from your camera roll, the use of additional apps can take your photography skills up a notch. Apps like VSCO and Facetune are great options for everyone ranging from beginners to professional photographers who want to edit and improve the quality of their images. While some apps charge a monthly subscription fee that is highly worth it if you are looking to improve your photography skills over time, there are countless free apps on the market that are accessible to all iPhone photographers and will have your photos looking great with the click of a button. 

2.  Avoid Filters

One of the most common ways that the average iPhone user makes edits or changes to their photos is with the use of a filter. While this can be a simple way to change the lighting or tone of a particular image, using even the slightest filter often decreases the quality of a photo. This is another area in which using a third party editing app comes in handy. When using an app like VSCO, you are able to adjust the intensity of a filter to your liking. In situations where a filter is helpful for changing lighting or color, the less intense it is, the better.

3.  Stick to the Same Style

To make your photos appear more consistently high quality, try to stick to the same style of editing between photos. If you find a style of editing that you like, try to stick to it when editing each of your photos in the future (using the same one or two apps every time you edit an image will make this easy). This will help you develop your own personal style of editing, and will help your catalog (or your Instagram feed) look more cohesive and professional over time.

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