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Ways of protecting yourself from damage while using cell phones

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The World Health Organization has enlisted cell phones as harmful carcinogenic product along with automobile fume and lead. Cell phones help in communication through radio frequency. The RF or radio frequency easily enters our body and damages it from within. Research is being conducted around the world to reduce the harmful effects of the cell phone on our body and brain. Long term usage of mobile phones can cause brain cancer and also negatively impacts the cognitive memory function of our brain. Cell phones may be damaging to our health but most of us cannot imagine life without cell phones. We do not only talk using cell phones but also use it for net browsing, emailing, working, watching videos or movies and much more. You have to decide if you want to put your health at risk by using cell phones recklessly or you want to avoid using them as much as possible. In the following some guidelines are discussed to help you prevent health damage due to the use of cell phones.


Use land phones instead of cell phones:

Minimizing the usage of cell phones is the best way of preventing health damage. You can get a land phone and telephone connection for your home and make most of the calls from it. Use the cell phone only for emergency purposes. Cordless phones also radiate harmful vibrations so using land phones with a long cord extension is the best idea.

Do not talk for too long on your cell phone:

If you cannot stop using cell phones or substitute it with land phone then you should at least decrease the duration of your phone calls. The longer you speak the more RF will enter your brain and damage it.


Use hands-free headset and keep the cell phone at a distance:

You can keep distance between your body and the cell phone by using the loud speaker option or the hands-free device during phone calls. Hold the phone away from your head and body while texting or dialing a number.

Do not move while using cell phones:

The amount of radiation from the cell phone increases with your movements. It is better if you stand or sit still while talking on the cell phone. Always turn off the cell phone when it is not being used.

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