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Vtech IS6110: Home phone at its best!

vtech is6110

The good old home phone has got such a stunning makeover that it can eventually top the coolest cellphones that are becoming such a rage. At CES 2008, the VTech unveiled a home phone that’s sure to bring home phones back in fashion.

The Vtech IS6110 has almost everything that your cellphone does! — QWERTY keyboard, support for MSN and AIM, a cute and colorful LCD screen, integrated speaker-phone and a built-in 50 name-and-number phonebook directory. Gone are the days, when the first thing that came to mind when anybody said ‘home phone’ was their loud shrill ‘trrring-trrring’.

This cool home phone has multiple ringtone options! It can be connected to your PC via USB. Yeah, you guessed it right… it means you can actually surf the internet and hold AIM conversations. The DECT 6.0 Digital technology wouldn’t allow you to complain about the sound clarity. The VTech IS6110 will hit the market in February 2008 with a price tag of $99.00.

Source: Gadgetizer

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