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Verizon officially gets the spanky new LG VX9100

lg vx9100 1 iPQkI 1333
US carrier Verizon just got its dirty hands on the cool new LG VX9100. The phone, which will replace the VX9900 enV, shows off a smoother, streamlined body and the absence of the “camera bump” on the back is a welcome relief. The newly-designed dial-pad features larger buttons than the enV and the 5-way navigation d-pad has also been given the boot in favor of a simpler Up & Down arrow buttons. The display on top looks like it got bumped from beneath by the dial pad which only makes us thank the Lord when we flip the thing open and find a full-functioning standard QVGA display and stereo speakers tucked in neatly with a QWERTY keypad. At 16.5mm thick, the VX9100 also houses a 2MP camera, a microUSB port and a microSD card slot. No word on the contract terms they’ll make you sign to get this beauty but trust-you-me, we’ll keep you posted on that.

lg vx9100 001 7LXAm 1333
Source: Akhibara News

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