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The shopping list manager Monica Geller would be proud to have

quicklist znSng 1333Do you remember Courtney Cox’s control freak character Monica Geller from the hit TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S? I guess if she was a real life person, she would have absolutely gone bonkers over this brand new shopping list manager for PDAs and Smartphones. Although the name SplashShopper is a little misleading, this handy mobile app helps you replace the old scribbled-on-a-piece-of-paper shopping list with a high-tech organizer that lets you create unlimited number of shopping lists with as many categories as you like with its included software for Windows and Mac that allows you to edit, print and sync your shopping list with your handset. Since the app is compatible with most contemporary Smartphones and PDAs, it makes getting organized just such a breeze while a cool auto fill function remembers your shopping preferences and even helps you assign items to particular stores and compare prices from different outlets letting you make better and more informed shopping choices. For just $29.95, you get to control the shopaholic in you all the while letting you stay within budget and helping you manage your time better as well.
Source: Splash Data

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