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How to unlock iPhone to make it available for other network carriers


Today, Apple’s iPhone has become the most lustrous gadget for the electronic savvy youngsters. Why young, even old can not control the greed to become the proud owner of one. but releasing with apple’s default network carrier, AT & T of US, may hold you back from having the best feature loaded and most popular phone on the globe. But of course, this problem can be resolved by unlocking the iPhone and make it accessible to any network service provider as per your wish. This article will guide you to unlock an iPhone to your convenience. this is a simple job of about some minutes to be spared.

Difficulty level

Moderate as it requires minimum knowledge over technology.

Time required

30 minutes to 1 hour as the software required for unlocking takes time to be downloaded.

Resources required

  1. iPhone
  2. Data cables
  3. wi- fi connection to the internet
  4. Unlocking software tools such as unlock.app, lockdownd, Cyberduck
  5. App Tap installer

Estimate cost

The unlocking is absolutely free of cost but you might need to pay some bucks to download the software such as unlock.app, lockdownd, Cyberduck for unlocking the iPhone.


  1. Open App Tap installer.
  2. Select Community Sources, BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH and install.
  3. Download and install unlock.app, lockdownd, Cyberduck on your phone.
  4. Go to General Settings and set Auto-Lock to Never.
  5. In Settings, go to Wi-Fi and click on the blue arrow next to the connected network.
  6. you can see an IP address. Note it down.
  7. Open Cyberduck and click on the Open connection button on the left top of the window.
  8. A window appears, put the IP address noted before.
  9. Select SSH Secure File Transfer (SSFT)
  10. Use port 22 only.
  11. Type “root” in the Username space provided.
  12. Type “dottie” in the Password space.
  13. You are connected now.
  14. Choose / item to navigate from /private/var/root to the main directory.
  15. Go to /usr/libexec and drag the file named lockdownd.
  16. A message appears to overwrite the existing file.
  17. Click Continue to do so.
  18. Go to Cyberduck and drag the the Unlock file from the Mac’s desktop into the /Applications folder at the top of the main window.
  19. Turn Off the iPhone.
  20. Remove the SIM card.
  21. Turn on the iPhone.
  22. Select the Unlock application in your phone.
  23. A white screen appears.
  24. Press Start to install the files.
  25. When you see Completed in the screen, Turn off the iPhone.
  26. Insert a new SIM card.
  27. Your iPhone is unlocked now.

Frequently asked questions

How these instructions are helpful for me?

Following these instructions, you can unlock your Apple iPhone. The iPhone comes with its exclusive service provider which is AT & which can be used in US only. But if you want to carry iPhone out of US, you are charged for the service. So, you need to unlock the iPhone to use the network service provider you want in any country you go.

Is it risky to unlock the iPhone?

Yes, its a bit risky if you do not have the required sources to unlock it. But you can follow the above mentioned guidelines to unlock the iPhone safely.

Will any application get corrupt after unlocking the iPhone?

Every application will run as before without any problem. Unlocking the iPhone does not hamper your phone configuration. It only enables you to unlock the default code for the predefined network carrier and access the network you want.

Can I suggest these instructions to my dear ones residing out of US to unlock their iPhones?

We have not tried to unlock iPhones from every part of the globe.Still we believe these instructions would prove useful as we have tried for many countries and various network carriers.

Quick Tips

  1. Turn off your i Tunes before performing the unlocking as it may create problems in unlocking.
  2. Use a piece of unfolded paper in the small hole on the top of the iPhone next to the headphone jack.

Things to watch out for

  1. Phone firmware version and base band
  2. Phone’s compatibility with modifications
  3. Chosen network support for the iPhone Features and Technologies
  4. survival ability of your phone without updates

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