Top 10 pink cellphones for ladies

Pink cellphones

God knows why but women love to have everything pink. May be because of its soft hue or may be because of its bubbly appearance. The pink color dominates the maximum number of women choices. Right from the shoes to dresses or nail paint or any female outfit, pink color is always in the top. Here is a news for all those pink loving girls who want to possess their gadgets especially their cell phones too in pink color. So girls, if you all are keen to know how to reveal your style through your ravishing pink colored phones then you are viewing the right page, here is a list of 10 such phones for you.

1) Nokia N8 Pink :

Recently, a latest model named Nokia N8 pink has been launched. Its a complete touchscreen phone with a classic design provided to it. Apart from outer design, the additional feature makes it more smart and a multitasking phone. The pink color is actually blended with the little black color which consequently enhances its beauty. It is light weighted and easy to carry.

Features– Bluetooth, java, scratch resistant glass surface, wi-fi, 12 megapixel camera, Shiny new exterior with HD video recording for entertainment.

2) Blackberry torch 9800 :

This is an excellent phone designed by Blackberry equipped with many crucial features such as high resolution 3.2 capacitive touch screen, improved multimedia features that come up with better browser. And girls you can also experience video calling and can have your unlimited gossip talks. Plus many Blackberry phone feature services also available such as Blackberry messenger, Push mail etc. 5 MP camera is an additional feature with excellent image stabilization, flash and continuous auto focus mode.

3) Samsung Diva s7070 :

Another stylish phone presented by Samsung. This awesome phone can be choose by any girl who wants to be a diva. It has got a diamond shaped crystal button on the front portion of the body. Its main features are-3.2 mega pixel camera without focus and flash.One special feature makes it more demanded amongst the girls and that is – “wish list application”. With the help of it, any women can make plans or list of purchase and store it conveniently. 3G and wi-fi are the only missing features in this set. But still you all beautiful girls can go for it due to its extra smart elegance and user friendliness to set your own style statement.

4) Apple iPhone 4 :

Well girls when there is an Apple product, there is no doubt about its feature.This phone came up with revolutionary features such as front facing 5 megapixel camera , 3G, wi-fi, Bluetooth, UMTS, iBook, video calling, IPS technology for excellent color and viewing angle, scratch resistant glass. Most importantly, if you are a game freak person, then this is certainly a right choice because of the presence of 3- axis gyro, accelerometer and compass which collectively makes gaming easier and exciting. This prized possession can easily be carried by any stylish women for making a remarkable status.

5) LG KF350 Ice Cream :

The name itself depicts the cuteness of this phone. This pink colored, elegant designed phone can easily be the perfect choice for any woman. Its basic features like 3 mega pixel camera, 2.2 inch large display and bright light availability makes it complete for any woman’s possession. Its two main qualities – stylish and affordable, makes it simple and unique.

6) HTC Bliss :

Hey all girls, this is one of the awesome stylish smartphones that has been launched by HTC exclusively for women. This comprises of all those features which any woman search for. The most interesting feature to be expected to come along with this model is shopping comparison feature plus calorie count feature. Apart from all basic features such as Bluetooth, camera, wi-fi etc., this model is basically designed by keeping into mind all female oriented features. It also lights up when any message or mail is received by the user. Hence, this cell is very much successful in providing bliss to all women across the world.

7) Micromax Bling 2 :

A new addition to the cell market has been made by the Micromax company. The excellent, sleek and smooth design of this particular set makes it attractive and stylish. This beautiful phone offers many features like multitouch capacitive touchscreen , standard 3- megapixel camera, preloaded with many entertainment tools like easy to send messages and sharing videos, audios and pictures for free. It is available with special pretty pouch with a mirror encased inside to it which will be liked by women for sure. This can be the perfect choice for any woman any day and anytime.

8) Sony Ericsson Z610i Pink :

It is most certain that there are many such girls who are never in favor of acquiring any smartphone with extraordinary features but yes a simple and good phone which functions properly and above all looks classy. The look of this phone is actually unique and elegant. Mainly available in rose pink color, it also features a sleek mirror like flap which easily compliment any lady. Its main features are- 2 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth, speakerphone and video telephony etc.

9) LG KF900 Prada :

This incredible stylish phone has a unique body with slideout qwerty keyboard, superb 3G multimedia capabilities, 5 megapixel camera with Schneider-kreuznach optics, and easy note taking facilities that makes it look super luxurious. This set can surely be proved as one of the most stylish possession for any woman. If you all girls are fashion conscious and keen to establish your own style statement, then this accessory should be your first choice. It is an expensive set but luxury lovers can comprise with this fact.

10) Pink Motorola Razer :

Well, finally it is one of the most common model amongst all pink phones available in the market. Mainly known for its peculiar pink shade and design, this is advertised by many famous style icons and have been very much popular amongst common people. If you are kind of women to flaunt all your possession with bright colors, then this phone can be the apt choice for you. Just go for it girls!!!

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