You don’t really need to hold your phone with HandAble

You must know someone who bought a brand new phone spending a considerable amount, dropping it someday off his hand breaking the display of the phone or causing it some serious injury. Aaron Block faced a similar problem one day. While trying to watch a program on his phone, he didn’t wake up his wife sleeping next to him only to realize that he ended up dropping his phone off his hands every now and then. The 78 year old came up with the breakthrough idea of HandAble that wouldn’t simply let go off your phone of your hands.

You don't really need to hold your phone with HandAble

What HandAble relies on is the very high bond adhesive pad to stick it to the phone. Once it sticks to your phone you just need to place your fingers between HandAble and this lets you take hold of your phone. It results in improved maneuverability and comfort. In case the back side of your phone is not smooth enough, you can stick it to any other part of your phone other than the center. The good thing being it can be used with tablets as well as other gadgets. You can choose suitably from a number of colors available so that it goes with the look and feel of your phone. All you need to do is shell out $19.95 (INR 1100).

Via: CNet

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