Sony Experia

The Sony Experia has just launched in the market. Experia comes in models of Z2, Xperia tablet, Experia J and many more. Some of these models are water proof and also can be washed in water without causing any harm.


It is thinner, lighter and definitely sleeker then the rest of the smart phones. It has an array of features including dual camera in the front and back, 4 G providers, blue tooth along with dual cord band, radio features, Wi-Fi features, and many more. Different models of Sony are available in different sizes and different colours. Apart from the exceptional features that are amazing and good to look at as well.

Though the phone consists of lots of exceptional features, the phone also has a few negatives. Since it has so many software’s and features, it has a tendency to hang at regular intervals. The battery backup is also not as good as expected because of the high resolution.

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