Pantech breeze 4

The pantech Breeze 4 has a pretty large screen with large keys that are easy to use and easy to surf the internet as well. It is a great voice phone which is on the AT and T family, It has some great multimedia usages, along with great web features.


This is an unconventional flip phone that is nowadays seen after a long time. It has a coloured LCD screen, three speed dial buttons on the main keypad. It is heavy with a strong battery life and a strong voice quality. It can also be used as a modem for your laptop, which supports Bluetooth along with voice dialling and music as well. The GPS navigation package is also available at a fair price. The 3 megapixel camera captures the best of pictures, games, email clients, and Microsoft stores.

The negatives of this phone is so so voice quality, it has no standard head phone jack, and a very short battery.

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