Say NO to your phone’s radiations

Mobile phone radiations have always been an issue of concern amongst the majority. The issue is not just concentrated on the damage of ears but also linked to cancer, lower bone density, infertility in men, and changes in brain activity. You can however lower the radiations for the most part if not totally escape it.


Cell phones are advised to keep completely off the pregnant women, infants and heart patients. Keep your distance from the device by using a wired headset and putting your cell phone on speaker mode when possible. Wireless Bluetooth headset emits radiation at far lower levels. Hence, always keep your cell phone away from your body.

Text n Text

Using your fingers than your ears is a far better option to avoid the radiations. Spend a little more time and talk it all through texts.


Talk only when the signal is full

Weak signals emit huge radiations for you to get a clear voice both sides. Try not to talk while travelling in vehicles as the phone continuously tries emitting new bursts of radiations by connecting to different cell towers down the route.

Wait until the call connects

Cell phones emit the most radiations the moment they are connected to the cell towers. Keeping the phone held to your ear at that point of time increases the risk. Dial the number. Keep the phone held in your hand. Place it to your ear once the person has picked up the call.


Use the Toggle Method

It often amuses us seeing people holding the phone right in front of their mouths to talk aloud and putting it back to listen. You have no idea how good an idea that is! It cuts a big amount of radiation your brain and body absorbs.

Go old school and use the wired landlines as much as possible IF you really have to talk.

Radiation shields with extra radiations

The different radiation shields in markets may tempt you to have one but be aware that they may hamper reception and hence churn out more radiations, which you certainly do not want.

Heard of EMFs?

Electromagnetic field is what EMF stands for. You can protect yourself from these by getting a scientifically validated EMF protection device. This strengthens the bio energy field and the immune system as a whole that stands up against the dangerous EMFs.

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