Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Key Features

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Key Features

Samsung claims its latest offering, the Galaxy Z Fold4, is its most productive and powerful model yet. Its sleek and versatile design is compact enough to fit in one hand and, once unfolded, is wide enough to use with both hands.  In other words, Samsung claims it’s like having two phones in one. Here’s what you should know about the Galaxy Z Fold4.


The Galaxy Z Fold4 features a large canvas, perfect for multitasking. At 7.6 inches, it has more viewing space than most iPhones and plenty of apps optimized for its large screen. It has a wider front panel than the Galaxy Z Fold3 and slimmer bezels.  Impressively, you can view more than one app simultaneously and even drag and drop from one app to another. Samsung takes multitasking a step further with its Taskbar, which allows you to add your most used apps for quick navigation.


With such a large display, there is no real way to avoid the thickness and weight of the Z Fold4. Additionally, as the phone has folding capability, there are hinges and a visible crease in the middle. All these features are not bothersome if you prioritize the versatility and large screen size of the Z Fold4.


Samsung has matched the sleek design of its foldable screen with a durable body. The screen is outfitted with Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass Victus ®, a scratch-resistant material. In addition, the Z Fold4 has an aluminum frame that’s perfect for the everyday use of accident-prone users.


If the foldability, durability, and wide display of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 are not enough to impress you, its camera’s specifications surely will. The Z Fold4 has an upgraded rear multi-camera system featuring a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, 50 MP wide-angle camera, and 10- MP 3x optical zoom capabilities. The high resolution of the Z Fold4 will allow you to capture all the best details of your subject, while its ability to capture images in low light will ensure you can document your evenings.

Additional Features

Finally, it’s important to note the true power of the Galaxy Z Fold4. The Z Fold4 is outfitted with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a powerful chip that will fuel a seamless and productive experience. 5G capability allows you to download and send files at lightning speed. The Galaxy Z Fold4 has not 1 but 2 batteries with a total of 4400 mAh plus fast charging capabilities. To adapt to modern life, the side of the Z Fold4 offers one-touch fingerprint access, which is perfect if you are wearing a face mask or sunglasses.

It’s Time to Upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

If you are on the market for a showstopping phone that will keep you more productive than ever, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is a smart purchase. This smartphone folds and unfolds and boasts a large screen, excellent camera, multi-tasking abilities, excellent battery life, and 5G capabilities. So it may be time to sell the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and upgrade!

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