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Sagem Porsche P9521, a pivoted clamshell!

sagem porsche

Well here comes a cell phone, which has got everything you could think to flaunt of. Living up to its name it has a 2.2-inch active-matrix organic LED touch screen, a 3.2MP cam with auto focus and digital zoom(built into the back of the phone), which appears to have either 2 LED lights or two flash bulbs or a combination of the two.

It also has a fingerprint reader with a talk time of 3 hours, 7 hours music playing time and a standby time of 240 hours. With oodles of media formats supported and A2DP Bluetooth profiles, it is in very limited production and cost you roughly around 1200 euros. Quite a bargain for geeks!

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porsche sagem

Via: Slashgear

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