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Oppo F1

The F-Series of Oppo is a new photography-centric lineup of smartphones. The front camera of Oppo F1 is really good, which makes it an ideal choice for those who love to click selfies. Let us now have a look at other stunning features of Oppo F1 that will sure inspire you to lay your hands on it.

The Feel and Look of the phone

When you talk about the design and the build, it is safe to say that the Oppo F1 is well conceptualized. The weight of the phone is 134 g even though it has a metal chassis. The design of this phone allows it to fit well into the user’s palm and still have a comfortable yet firm grip. The placement of the buttons also helps while typing.

Features of the Oppo F1

This phone has a non- removable battery of 2500mAh, and it comes along with a 13 MP primary camera. The phone is available in a couple of color combinations, such as Rose Gold and Gold; however, the front side of the phone will be the classic white color. Furthermore, it’s a dual SIM phone whether the second slot can be used either for the 2nd SIM or the storage chip.

Specifications of the Oppo F1

  • Oppo F1 is one of those very few smartphones that flaunt Snapdragon 616
  • It has a 3GB RAM with an internal storage of 16 GB and an expandable memory of 128GB.
  • Android Lollipop runs the Oppo F1 and it also comes with various built-in security monitoring services.

Performance of the Oppo F1

Overall if you look at the performance factor, the Oppo F1 ensures a really good performance. If you are used to multitasking between apps, then this phone would be ideal for you since it has a very smooth interface. While most of the time, the phone’s temperature is stable; however, when you are doing a video recording through the camera or continuously playback a particular video, you may notice that it gets a little warm.

The Battery Life of the Oppo F1

This phone seems to have a really good battery life thanks to the 2500mAh battery that is built in. When a video loop test was conducted, the phone lasted for close to 9 hours. If it’s used on a 4G network, this can go on for more than a day before you need to charge it again. The only drawback is that the battery takes a long time to recharge since it does not support the fast charging feature.

Closest competitor of the Oppo F1

The closest competitor of the Oppo F1 is the Asus Zenfone Selfie. This Smartphone also has a really good front camera; however, when you compare it with the Oppo F1, it is not as compact as the F1.


Well, judging by the reviews and feedbacks given by Oppo F1 users, this phone has good overall performance. Even the quality of the build and design makes it very easy and comfortable to hold and control. Though a few additional features like NFC or even the back light for navigations keys would be welcome, this phone is really worth considering.

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