Reasons why you should be careful about cellphone security

Cell phone security

Cell phones were earlier used to just make phone calls and send or receive messages. But now the scenario has completely changed. Companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericcson, Blackberry etc are coming with smart cell phones that not only support instant messaging and phone calls but more than that like surfing the internet, blogging, listening to music, e-mailing, storing and moving confidential information using the memory cards, taking photos and videos, scheduling tasks in the calendar, chatting with near and dear ones over social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.

These mobile giants have also come up with business cell phones where people can make transactions online through their phones by using mobile banking. Businessmen can even upload or download documents, make online changes in desired documents with just a click on the cell phone. In short, it can be said that mobiles have become durable mini computers and people rely on this machine so much that they can live without their partners but not without their cell phones.

If cell phones consist of all the above advantages, it comes with certain short comings too and cell phone security comes first in the list. It is found that mobile users do not care much about their cell phone security. They use a single mobile for their business purpose and for personal use because they think it is far easier to carry a single phone with all the possible features than to carry a phone each for the afore-mentioned purposes. But they miss out that if they lose that single phone they will lose the world over. People use a single smartphone to save their contacts, birthday list, all bank account numbers, personal photos and videos. Some even have office related data in their phones while some people keep a list of all the passwords in their phones. By doing this, they forget that if this phone is lost, they will lose not only one of their expensive possession but all the confidential data which can bring them on roads if the machine fell in bad hands.

Moreover, people are not much aware of the possible spam, viruses and malware their phone can have through web browsing. They do not take much effort to install an anti-virus in their cell phone to protect it from the possible threats rather they are happy about getting mails of promotions and advertisements. People also accept that they have made at least one purchase through their cell phone and often run applications of mobile banking and storing the passwords in the cell itself. It is highly recommended that people should understand about cell phone security and be careful about it for the following reasons:

1. Cell phone security threats are rising day by day and cyber criminals make use of your confidential data by hacking your phone.

2. This can lead to losing your important information because those cyber criminals are always smart. They can make heavy purchases using your bank information and you will have to pay for things you did not purchase.

3. They can even change your passwords making your own information inaccessible to you. This can lead to heavy losses.

So, you will be at high risk if you do not give much importance to cell phone security. You must be careful that if it is really necessary that you have to make transactions with your phone and store data in it then make sure that you use phone locking passwords that is known only to you and never ever write it down or store it somewhere where others can access it.

Block your phone by contacting the service provider as soon as you lose or misplace the phone so that it becomes useless for the criminals and most importantly make use of different phones for different purposes and try to save as much less confidential data in your phone as you can.

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