PC-like web experience on Mobile: Via Skyfire


Even though mobile browsers have developed over the years but browsing on a phone ain’t still close to actual surfing. Skyfire – a new browser for Windows Mobile-based smartphones will change the face of cell phone browsing as we know it.

It does this by doing what no other application has done before – by supporting Flash 9. This essentially means that users will be able to access videos on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and so on right on their cell phones. And if you care, you’d also be able to view those pesky little Flash adverts. So this means a goodbye to those applications and proxy sites that converted videos for viewing. This browser handles YouTube and other multimedia stuff in a fashion quite similar to its counterparts on PCs.

How does Skyfire accomplish this stuff? Well, the answer lies in the fact that this is actually a proxy browser and all the conversion – from original pages into ones that can be easily seen on a cell phone – takes place on its dedicated server.

This application is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, with a strong possibility of a Symbian version later. Also, it’ll work on both touch-screen and non touch-screen phones. Available in beta, you can sign up for Skywire here. And do watch the browser in action below.


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