Hitachi offers W61H phone with E-Ink display

hitachi eink

Hitachi plans to launch a new cellphone called W61H in Japan by March. Its prime feature is its 2.7” E-Ink display which they want to be known as ‘Silhouette Screen’. This so called Silhouette Screen is nothing but an ornamental addition to this phone, its sole purpose is to provide customization options to user. It offers 95 pre-set graphics to be used as decoration on the reverse side of the phone. Other than that there is not much this screen can do. For other specs it’s got 2.8” WQVGA display (240 X 400), 1.97 MP camera and 2GB of on-board memory. Thanks to E-Ink screen, phone’s call time is just 250 minutes.

hitachi eink 1

Source: Mobilewhack

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