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Moto bringing on CABO – RAZR 2 look-alike


Will it recover, or won’t it? This seems to be the question haunting every phone-market analyst these days. What ‘it’ refers to of course is the slump that Motorola underwent last year. The chances of company snatching any market share from the likes of Nokia seem dismal. Not quite if its offerings can assume the brilliant form-factor of CABO.

According to rumors floating on net, CABO is the latest edition to Motorola’s iDEN lineup and from the pictures (probably made-up) it’s a gorgeous phone. But even as we are not sure about the authenticity of the images, we’re still ogling our eyes out to our heart’s content. CABO is built upon RAZR 2’s lines and yet is a step ahead with its larger external touch-screen. There’s also supposed Bluetooth and a support for SD card up to 6 GB. People would have its release date in Q4; we ain’t too sure about that. But fingers crossed anyway!


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