OnePlus 6T vs Apple iPhone XS Max: Which is the better flagship phone?


OnePlus 6T is here with lots of changes and new features. We can say that 6T is one of the best smartphone from OnePlus, but can it challenge iPhone XS Max? 6T matches XS Max in few areas, costs half as much and OnePlus is known to make flagship killers. We will compare OnePlus 6T vs Apple iPhone XS Max based on design, performance, features, price and then you can decide which one is the best viable option for you. Read on the feature comparison to find more.


Apple iPhone Xs Max Gold Silver Smartphone logo and glass backLet us start with the design in the OnePlus 6T vs Apple iPhone XS Max comparison match. OnePlus6 T has the similar glass back like its predecessor and is available in two colors – Mirror and midnight black. OnePlus will come up with few more colors in future. Its dimensions are 157.5 x 74.9 x 8.2mm, making it slim, but thicker than iPhone XS Max. On the right side of 6T, we have the power button and just above this key, there is the trademark slider to mute your phone. The volume button is on the left and USB Type C port at the bottom. It has grilled loudspeakers on both sides.

OnePlus has an aluminum frame as compared to XS Max’s stainless steel frame. Former uses fingerprint input while the latter utilizes facial recognition for the unlocking.  Max XS is thinner, but handling is not easy. With a flat back, it is uncomfortable to hold and operate single-handed. Once you add the cover, the process becomes extra tedious. However, none of the smartphones come with a 3.5 mm jack.

6T is not water resistant while XS Max has IP Certification (Water-resistance). Means, it can stay for around 30 minutes under up to 2-meter water. None of us will intentionally drop the phone in water, but this additional feature will keep it safe under the rain. Moreover, you can wash your phone under running water, let it dry and use it as usual.


iPhone XS MAX comes with Super AMOLED multitouch screen supporting 16 million colors. Massive screen sizes 6.8 inches having 2688 x 1242 pixels. Built with scratch resistant glass it has an Oleophobic coating to protect the display. The protective coating is toughest and gives it an exceptional look and feel.
Talking about 6T, it has a Gorilla glass display with a size of 6.41 inches and 1080 x 2340 pixels.


OnePlus 6TOnePlus 6T features 2.8 GHz Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 manufactured on TSMC’s 10 nm node and is available in two variants – 4 GB  and 8 GB. Work with eight cores – four low power Kryo silver and four high power Kryo gold cores.
XS Max has a clear advantage here as it is built with 2.49 GHz A12 Bionic manufactured on TSMC’s 7nm process. It has six cores, two high power (Vortex) and four low power (Tempest). None of the phones has the SD card slot.


Power backup of the smartphone is one of key factor how the smartphone is going to perform in the competitive market. With 3700 mAh, 6T has the largest battery in this range as compared to 3170 mAh battery of XS Max. The 6T lasts for more than a day with mixed use. XS Max has a battery backup of almost 24 hours. If you will play games then off course the battery backup will take a hit.
Wireless charging is an addition with XS Max while 6T lacks this exciting feature.


OnePlus 6T CameraImage Source :

With dual 12 megapixels camera, Apple’s best flagship phone XS Max offers features like smile detection, face detection, face detection, geo-tagging, touch to focus. The video recording at 60 fps Quad-LED flash and 60k resolution makes it worth the cost. The front camera has a resolution of 7 megapixels. With HDR feature, this is easily the best camera ever on iPhones.

OnePlus 6T has 16 MP + 20 MP  dual camera with features like Night mode, Portrait mode, al scene detection, RAW Image, and studio lighting, It comes 30 fps HDR with 4K resolution and 16 mp front camera. Low ISO and shutter speed give you crisp images even in low light.


With iOS 12 and Android v9.0 respectively, XS Max and 6T both support HTML 5.

Availability and priceOnePlus-6T

Image Source :

One of the striking differences between these two is their price tags. OnePlus 6T is quite cost-effective.
It start from £499/$549/37, 999 INR for 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. You can opt for 8 GB RAM by paying £529/$579/41, 999 INR and 128 GB Storage. If you need more storage i.e 256 GB then it will cost you £579/$629. Do you think, it is worth the cost, check the prices for XS Max variants and then decide.

iPhone is not just expensive, it is the costliest smartphone available right now. With three variants available, the prices are $1,099/64GB, $1,249/256GB and $1,449/512GB. All the variants are available with 4 GB RAM. None of the smartphones has expandable memory.


Both the smartphones come with dual SIM GSM slots, NFC feature, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

That is all about the OnePlus 6T vs Apple iPhone XS Max feature comparison. Let us know what do you think, which model you are planning to purchase and share your experience with us.

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