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Nokia’s touchscreens to get tactile feedback, courtesy Immersion

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Keeping in view the fruitful outputs of Immersion’s VibeTonz software, that runs a successful phone like LGPrada, Nokia has decided to align itself with Immersion.

Now, Nokia phones will soon incorporate this technology to get tactile responses from touchscreen interfaces, which would enable consumers to sense typing on the virtual keyboard more akin to using the real thing.

The technology will also hit other applications that include user interface development and multimedia applications like mobile games and downloadable goodies.

Its still early days and when Nokia will start offering their new phones bundled with this technology is not yet for sure but we will definitely keep you updated.

I say we’ll see Nokia quite eager to press ahead, an early incorporation will see the Fin company stay in hunt with its competitors like Apple and LG. A delayed incorporation would definitely translate into lost sales, running into thousands.



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