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Motorola Droid is surely arriving November 6 for $200

motorola droid november 6 for 200

Talk about being competitive, Verizon could not have priced the Motorola Droid better at $200, piping it exactly opposite the AT&T iPhone. The Droid should have been here yesterday but Verizon is still not convinced about its promotional campaign and hence, it wants to spend plenty of more dollars on the promotion until October 6. The only thing Verizon could be ruing is that there is nothing to hide about the Droid really, for its software, hardware, images and even videos have swarmed the web in the past few days. Despite this, if Verizon manages to surprise people, the Droid will get an even better welcome. One party that may baffle us is Google for there are talks that the turn-by-turn Nav will be absolutely free which means, the other players from this category should pack their bags and think of some other business. November 6 isn’t that far away and all we can do is eagerly wait for now.

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