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The Possibility of a Verizon Branded iPhone in 2010!

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Frankly speaking, do not even think about it until the second half of 2010. Once the exclusive AT&T and Apple deal gets over, then there is every chance that an iPhone may bear a Verizon Logo for the very fact that it will mean more sales for Apple. What cannot be ignored though is that AT&T pays $450-per-iPhone carrier subsidy to Apple and if Cupertino does not renew the contract, $450 per phone is what Apple will loose in the bargain. It is Apple that will have to decide its own fate for at one end it will loose the hefty subsidy amount but on the other it will directly gain from double the number of sales. What Apple will also consider is that a major chunk of money comes from the App store and with the Big Red customer based added; the amount of money made from App sales will also double. Amidst all this, Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall is certain that Apple will bring the iPhone to Verizon in the second half of 2010. For the moment, Verizon is ready with its Droid competitor and if at all VZ gets the iPhone, the only party that will stand to loose is AT&T as it is heavily reliant on the iPhone sales.

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