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Modern Smartphone Technologies You Might Want To Know More About

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Augmented Reality

All smartphone manufacturers out there try to come up with the newest technology that will make a difference in the world and will increase sales. Heart-rate monitoring and fingerprint scanning are already common. They also did not manage to wow people that much. However, smartphones are soon going to see something that will be huge. Some technologies that could really make a difference are presented below.

Retina Scanning

Retina ScanningThe first technology capable of doing this was developed by Fujitsu and others try to perfect it. The idea is that retina scanning is much more accurate than reading fingerprints. Also, it is much more difficult to reproduce the mark left by the retina so security instantly becomes higher.

People do not really like to input passwords. With this in mind, anything that would eliminate this can be a huge deal. Retina scanning promises to remove passwords, offering a really secure and fast ID technology.

Highly Accurate GPS System

Location-based services are definitely really useful, but their accuracy is not as great as some smartphone manufacturers want you to think. Fortunately, this is a technology that is constantly being improved. One such example comes from the University of Texas, where engineers developed a GPS system that is really accurate and that manages to measure location up to a centimeter.

In order to be so precise, the GPS system utilizes low-cost, small receivers. They are installed on the smartphones and manage to maintain high accuracy as communication is established with satellites. Advanced GPS systems manage to make it really easy to locate anything. Even 3D simulated environments can be offered. You can even work with Fix It Right Plumbing to install a plumbing system that allows you to quickly figure out what is present behind the walls of your home.

Transforming Surfaces Into Touchscreens

smartphone that included this technology was Smart Cast.Image Source : images.techtimes.com

In 2015, Lenovo introduced a new smartphone that managed to turn literally any surface that was flat into a touchscreen. The smartphone that included this technology was Smart Cast. Thanks to it, you can put your images and videos on walls. Smooth surfaces, musical instruments, keyboards and more can be turned into touchscreens. You can actually play games like Fruit Ninja on the wall.

Augmented Reality

There are countless things that can be said about augmented reality and how it can change the entire world of smartphones. You can easily locate AR effects software for cameras and we are really close to a true mainstream implementation, one that would actually be meaningful.

When it comes to smartphones, the obvious use of augmented reality comes through the camera. It allows you to see what is around you while adding digital data overlays. As an example, you can easily add a special effect to any environment, like a fire or an explosion.

Augmented reality is the closest thing possible to feeling as if you live in a movie. The phone can be pointed to a street filled with restaurants. Then, the smartphone would be able to automatically pull details from review sites, overlaying everything on the screen. Out of all the modern technologies that will shape the world of smartphones, AR has the most potential to create truly helpful applications.

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