Micromax GC256

Micromax GC256

Micromax GC256 combines the power of GSM and CDMA networks with Dual Sim. GC256 is suitable for all users. It has a simple styled layout and moderate performance. The phone features a rich QVGA display. The buttons are easily spaced for comfortable typing and texting purposes. GC256 is light weighted and it is compact. GC256 is loaded with music and video player to keep you entertained. The GC256 is priced at Rs 2425 and offers several features for its price. With this phone, you will never have to worry about problems. GC256 has always satisfied its users. The phone has both advantages and disadvantages which are listed below.

Micromax GC256


GC256 is designed with performance in mind. The phone offers appreciable performance. The operating frequency of GC256 is around GSM 900/1800; CDMA 800. GC256 process information quickly and there is no lag between actions; however it cannot handle heavy applications. The phone is supported by 1000 mAh Li-ion battery. It provides talk time up to 2 hours and up to 192 hours, when it is fully charged. Camera provides smooth video recording with good frame rates and moderate quality. GC256 manages multimedia applications effectively and allows for smoother playback. It provides moderate internet speed as it is only 2g supported. The phone is highly stable and it never crashes.


The phone features a 1.3 MP camera that packs a pride to it and allows you to capture live moments. Alpha-numeric keyboard makes it convenient to type. It has an inbuilt FM radio, so now you can listen to your favorite stations. GC256 also provides audio player and recorder. This phone also features Theft tracking that makes it easier to track the phone when it’s stolen. The phone’s memory can be extended up to 1 Gigabyte (GB) with the help of microSD cards. The phone features General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Bluetooth that allows sharing your files with other devices are some of the great features enabled in the phone. It has T9 dictionary that corrects your spellings as your type. It also has Universal Serial Bus (USB) socket, which enables you to plug it with your computer and other media to transfer files. It also has an inbuilt Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) internet browser, which enables you to search and browse net with minimum effort and with ease. Apart from these feature, the phone is stuffed with Calendar, Calculator, Alarm, stop watch, Currency and unit convertor, Audio recorder, organizer, SMS and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Supported, fun packed games and other apps.


GC256 has a TFT type, QVGA display and weighs around 83g. It features bar style form factor. The phone features slim and sleek design which makes it convenient to use. The phone displays resolution of about 128*160 Pixels (4.6 cm). The phone is light weight and loves to enter your pocket as it is only1.81 inches thick. It features a camera at the back side. It has four buttons in the keypads for navigation. GC256 can display 65000 types of colors in its screen. It features an easy to use interface with simple navigation.


GC256 does an appreciable job and stands above all the phones in its range. The phone is available with a reasonable price that are ideal for any individual. However, at such prices, one can never expect all the features. If you are a normal phone user and you use your phone only for calling and messaging, this phone will satisfy you. But if you are heavy multimedia user and you use your phone for high end applications such as video recording, gaming, apps, this is definitely not worth the try.

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