Methods of monitoring your baby with the help of cell phones

The safety of a child is the responsibility of the parents. New parents always feel worried about the well being and safety of their baby. As they have little experience of raising a child they are afraid to leave it alone even for a minute. But it is not always possible for the parents to be around the child. They have to perform a lot of household chores like washing the dishes or cooking meals. Baby monitoring is important for times when you cannot be personally present near your child. A lot of bad things can happen when you are away from the baby. A baby is helpless in the face of dangers so it is a good idea for dotting parents to invest in baby monitors. However, the baby monitors cannot be used everywhere. For example if you are traveling with the baby then using baby monitor can pose some problems. Cell phones can be successfully used to monitor the movements of your little darlings. Using your cell phones for baby monitoring is cost effective. In the following two different methods of using cell phones for baby monitoring has been described.


The Easy DIY Method:

For creating a baby monitoring system using the DIY method you will need two cell phones. The two cell phones must have the mute option. They should also have the loud speaker mode during calls. Attach one of the two cell phones with the baby’s crib and keep it close to the baby. This cell phone should be kept in the hands free mode or loudspeaker mode. Keep the other cell phone with you. This cell phone should be kept in mute mode. Now start a call between the two cell phones. Even when you are away you will be able to hear the baby’s voice and every sound near it. The baby will not be able to hear you or any noise because your phone will be in the mute mode. With the help of this method you can always come to help the baby if it cries or whimpers.

Software method:

Another way of using cell phones for baby monitoring is to download special baby monitoring apps on your android or iPhone.

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