Lumia range to tout tethering after Tango update

You might love your Nokia Lumia but can you can you use it as a hotspot to utilize the capabilities of its wireless 3G? The answer to this prior to now was no but there is a rumor that Nokia has already launched an update for Tango in certain countries that will help you tether your Lumia phone. It was last month that Nokia hinted at such update and surprisingly they are now available in Belgium, Netherlands and Vietnam. While Lumia 610 and 900 already enjoy the tethering capabilities, it is the Lumia 710 and 800C (the Chinese version of Lumia 800) that will benefit from this update.

Lumia range to tout tethering after Tango update

According to the rumor, Windows is going to scale down the hardware requirement to run Tango on your phone and this can be seen as Nokia’s next move to bring several mid-priced phones to the market. This also means that current high-end Nokia phones running on Windows will gain in performance. The update will also have better messaging capabilities, Nokia news, Creative Studio apps and Sportstracker as default apps. It is a good news for those who had been missing on an opportunity to be able to exploit Lumia’s impeccable hardware especially the 3G capabilities, as well as for those who are looking to buy a Nokia’s Windows based phone in the future.

Via: Nokiapoweruser

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