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Llamadas Pedaleadas: A Phone on wheels

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Taking mobility to an all new high, here is a radical new phone cart that is called the Llamadas Pedaleadas. This cart is currently doing rounds in the towns of Nicaragua. Designed by Brian Forde, this contraption is basically a three wheeled cart which looks more like an ice cream cart that has an array of phones on it. All these phones get charged by pedal power. To charge the phones, the user needs to kick this three wheeled cycle onto its stand and then pedal the back wheel to charge up the UPS system. This, in turn charges the phones batteries. By the way, the UPS system can be retrofitted from any old computer’s UPS and its battery. The best part is that this system can be pedalled anywhere, literally bringing phone connectivity to peoples’ doors. Thus users can easily use this system as a prepaid phone or pay as they use. All in all, Llamadas Pedaleadas is one very innovative way to connect people who otherwise may not have access to telephone connectivity.

Via: InventorSpot

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