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Livespeakr: Ultimate boombox for iPhone!

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In the crowd of iPhone docking stations and speaker systems for iPhone and iPod, the Livespeakr stands apart. Created by 24-year-old Erik Groset and Robin Defay, the Livespeakr is a unique ultra-portable speaker system that fits in your pocket. It’s a boombox like no other that features a set of speakers that fold-up and store handily behind the device. The speakers expand, contract, and rotate to work with both portrait and landscape modes. The Livespeakr is shielded against radio frequency interference in order to produce maximum sound quality. The 4-in-1 Super cradle acts as a protective case and houses all versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch. When there is an incoming call, the music fades away and the Livespeakr acts as a speakerphone enhancement.

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The Livespeakr ultra-portable speaker system will start shipping worldwide in January 2009 for $129.95. Pre-sales are available at special promotional price of $99.99 and this price is reserved for the first 2,000 orders.

Via: PRWeb

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