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It has become a common practice for us to use headphones today more often, as we listen to music and communicate through them while we are on the move. Headphones come in different shapes and sizes depending on its use today. However, we do not realize how dangerous this habit has become as it leads to permanent deafness. Experts have data proving that continued exposure of noise ranging between 80 and 85dB over a period can cause hearing damages.

Continuous exposure to loud noise is the major factor leading to irreversible deafness. So, if you intend to keep your hearing intact, avoid loud noises. There’s already enough unavoidable loud noise around you, why do you want to add on to that by over using headphones to damage your ears?

Headphones divert all the loud noise directly into your ears. It is capable of causing heavier damage, that too quicker. Since it has become an inevitable practice to use headphones today, there is not point asking to let go of it. However, you can consider the following points to keep yourselves safe.

Take breaks


Avoid using headphones over a long period. Take a break between songs if you must use them. Let your hearing adjust with the normal safe sounds of your surroundings.

You generally need a 16 hours break after continuously using your headphones for two hours.

Avoid noise cancellation

Noise cancellation headphones are expensive and a great technology. However, it only cancels the noise of your surrounding while you use these special headphones and emphasizes the noise you are listening to.  Nothing special there health wise over traditional headphones, but in some people they create a pressure imbalance when the surrounding noise is completely blocked. This surrounding noise is blocked by an anti-noise wave produced by the device, which is not hazardous by itself, but because of it, the wave the quality of the music decreases. We tend to increase volumes to adjust to this loss of quality, which in-turn affects our hearing.

Turn down the volume


It is only logical to turn down the volume if you want to protect your ears. Turn it down to a comfortable level and start adjusting to this safe level while using headphones. It will be a little difficult in the beginning as you are not satisfied with the sound quality, but as you get used to it, you will hardly notice the change later.

Choose the right genre

Do not listen to heavy metal and other jarring music on headphones as these genres of music demand a specific loudness for enjoying them. Try listening to lighter soothing music with your headphones. Raise in the tempo of music also raises cardiovascular functions, heart patients and people with other medical conditions are strictly advised against loud music.

Use good brands


Ever since the use of headphones has become common, the market is pouring with different types of headphones varying in prices depending on quality. Research for the type of headphone that will fulfill your purpose and the different brands available. Make a choice in investment after considering popular feedbacks from users and experts. Do not just go and buy the first one you feel is nice because it’s cheap! A good headphone will ergonomically fit into your ears, will be made of good material and will have approved standards of noise output.

Choose the muff type retro style headphones as they are not placed into your ears and they are good at blocking the surrounding noise. However, if you are choosing the ear-bud style headphones for your sports activities, go for the ones that have an extra clip as it gives more space to your ears.

Avoid headphones for communication

Even though it is a safer practice to use headphones while driving to attend or make phone calls, we ask you to avoid it completely. Instead, put it on hands-free option or the just the good old speaker of the phone. This way you can minimize an avoidable use of headphones.

Headphone etiquette

hearing music

Do not share your headphones with others and don’t use theirs either. Easy way to spread ear infections, which can cause partial or complete deafness, is by sharing the device.

Clean the headphones regularly. Make sure you are gentle while cleaning it and follow the care instructions.

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