LG launches multi-colored mobile phones in Korea

8 08 08 06

LG has finally launched its latest Colorholic mobile devices, the LG-SC330, the LG-KC3500, and the LG-LC3500, in various flavors of colors. The company has design the Colorholic mobile devices especially for female population.

The slider LG mobile phones are featured with a MP3 player and text to speech engine, which has ability to read out messages, appointments and many more. The attractive Colorholic is available in 14 colors like yellow, light Bubble Pink, Mint, Marine, Sunny Orange and Magenta.

Presently, this girlish mobile phone is available in the Korean market for 400,000 KRW. However, the other specifications of mobile phones are still not clear.

Image Credit: MK.CO.KR

Via: Uber Phones

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