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Is Nokia’s Touch Screen Keypad Phone Around The Corner?

nokia interactive keypad Jmjdt 3342When the whole world is experimenting with touch screen keypads, we can’t expect the leader – Nokia – to fall behind, can we? Although a touch screen keypad was always on the cards, after the patent filed in 2006, the concept never materialized (we assume so, ‘coz we have seen no signs of it!). However, the buzz has picked up steam once again. Nokia’s touchscreen concept will feature dual displays. The top half will be the regular Nokia screen, while the bottom half will be a combination of the usual Nokia keypad and a capacitative touch screen that reminds you of Nintendo DS. The hard keypad would comprise keys for most used functions like receiving/ending calls, menu access, etc. The touch screen keypad, on the other hand, can be used for interactive functions such as playing music, messaging, etc. Since LG and Motorola have already positioned themselves at the forefront of touch screen keypad technology, we have serious doubts regarding the effectiveness of Nokia’s technology in capturing attention. Trend-setters like Nokia, though, can never be written-off.


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